How to Block Spam Call on Samsung Galaxy S22

Spam calls are annoying, everybody must agree with that. That’s why, if you think they have been too disturbing, it is much better to block them. In Samsung Galaxy S22, there are some ways to block spam calls. They are by blocking the phone number and automatic blocking. So, what are the steps to each of them? Learn how to block spam call on Samsung Galaxy S22 below.

block spam call on samsung galaxy s22

Steps to blocking spam call on your Samsung Galaxy S22

The first method to block spam call on Samsung Galaxy S22 is by directly blocking the phone number. Unless the phone number has been hidden, it must appear on your phone screen when other people call you. So, the steps are as follows. To block incoming Block calls from recent caller, follow these steps:

  • Open your Phone app and Choose the options symbol by tapping 3-dot sign on the top right.

block number galaxy s22

  • Choose Add phone number and enter a phone number or, in this case, choose Recents.
  • Check a contact and Done.

add blocking number galaxy s22

  • The contact has been added to the list of blocked callers.

Interestingly, the steps above are not the only way to block spam calls. You can also block unknown numbers automatically by activated Block unknown/private number feature on your phone. The steps are explained below.

  • Open your Phone app and Choose the options symbol by tapping 3-dot sign on the top right.

block unknown number galaxy s22

  • Tap Settings and select Block numbers.
  • Tap Block unknown/private numbers to enable this feature.
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The third method is using Smart Call. When enable,  Smart Call will recognize numbers that are not in your contact list and then give you the option to block or report the calls, so you won’t be bothered by them again. This feature can be turned on whenever you need it, or turned off if you prefer not to use it. If you choose to report a call, you can narrow down the type of call using the provided categories. So, here are some steps you need to do.

  • Navigate to and open the Phone app, tap options symbol (the three vertical dots), and then tap Settings.

spam protection

  • Tap Caller ID and spam protection, and then tap the switch to turn it on.

Benefits of blocking spam calls

While it may look too much, blocking spam calls gives you more benefits. First of all, of course, you are no longer disturbed or annoyed with those calls. Second, it helps you from further terrible actions like stalking. Yes, although the percentage is few, some people make spam calls only to bother someone else. Of course, there is also a possibility the call is for marketing. But if you are really not interested in it, it is your right to reject it from the beginning.

Third, blocking spam calls also improves your productivity. There is no more problem when working or doing daily activities. Without unnecessary calls, your life may feel more relaxed and interesting.


Spam calls refer to calls that come to your phone continuously and you just don’t want to receive them. Well, anybody can spam you with continuous calls starting from your crazy ex to product marketers. It is okay to respond to them nicely for sure. But if you think they have disturbed you too far, it is better to ignore or block them. That is a way to block spam calls on Samsung Galaxy S22, you can choose one of the methods mentioned above.

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