How to Set Custom Text Tone on Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

Using a smartphone allows you to easily send SMS or short text messages to others. And the ringtone lets you know that you get a reply. If you make a purchase of a new smartphone, for instance, Samsung Galaxy S22, you may notice that your SMS ringtone is similar to other tones. If you want to be different and anti-mainstream, you can customize your SMS ringtone. By using your own customized ringtone, you can easily differentiate all tones on your phone. You will be able to know if you receive a call, text message, WhatsApp chat, or others. Below is a simple guide to set custom text tone on Samsung Galaxy S22.

set custom text tone on samsung galaxy s22

Steps to set custom ringtone for text messages on Samsung S22

For those of you who want to custom the ringtone of your short message services on your Samsung Galaxy S22, here are the steps:

  • For your home screen, swipe down or up to open all the apps. Then, tap the Message app.

set custom text tone galaxy s22

  • Then, tap the conversation you want to change the tone. Tap the 3-dot icon that you can find on the top of your phone screen. Next, enable the Custom Notification toggle by clicking it.
  • Tap the sound button to set the default ringtone. After that, you can listen to all the ringtones provided and choose one of some choices. Do not forget to save it.
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custome tone message galaxy s22

  • Once you have set custom text tone on your Galaxy S22, you can get back and see if it rings differently or not when your recipient texts you.

How to set custom text tone for individual contacts

Besides setting up a custom ringtone for your text message, you can also set up another one for Google messages. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Open the messaging app.

set custom text tone for individual contacts on galaxy s22

  • Tap on the conversation with the Contact for which you want to set up a custom notification tone.
  • Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen, then tap Notifications then Select the tone that you wish to use.

Why you need to set custom text tone?

Setting up a custom ringtone for your text message and Google message will let you know that you receive messages from important people that you perhaps need to reply to as soon as possible. Setting up a custom ringtone will also differentiate your device with other people’s smartphones.

About Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

One UI 14.1 based on Android 11 on the Galaxy S22 looks more mature and simpler. And though the dimension is small, the quality of the speaker is amazing. It is loud and clear with an addition of a precise, smooth vibration motor. By using the second generation of Qualcomm, the in-display fingerprint sensor of Galaxy S22 is larger and more responsive.

Those are the steps to set custom text tone on Samsung Galaxy S22 as well as for Google messages. Isn’t it easy to do so?

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