Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to Feature 200MP Olympus Camera

The debate about what camera will Samsung Galaxy S22 have has just started.  Some reports keep debunking the previous leak one after another. The first leak mentioned that it may have a 200MP camera. Then a report debunked the leak, saying that Samsung chooses to refine the 108MP camera instead. However, a new report emerged to debunk that news and confirming that Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a 200MP camera. Since the latest report cited various sources within the company, it is safe to take it closer to the truth.

Samsung will be installing a 200MP camera to the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra

As you all know, the Samsung Galaxy S22 has so many rumors floating around at the time being. One of the most talked-about speculations is about the camera. The alleged render of the upcoming S22 shows that the handset will have a 200MP main camera.

galaxy s22 ultra 200mp

According to some sources, this is the result of the recent collaboration between Samsung and Japanese camera giant, Olympus. But while most people are excited and looking forward to the large megapixels. Many fans are disappointed as they are expecting better software.

Based on the report, Samsung will be installing a 200MP camera to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The handset also will have other four cameras at the back, making it the first phone with five active cameras. However, there is still no news or leaks about the camera details for the S22 base and S22 plus.

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Some fans even expect a little more since Samsung also has a collaboration with AMD since 2019. They are expecting better software to process the high-quality image, instead of a new camera with a large megapixel. Many fans think that the current Samsung Galaxy S21 camera is not as good as other flagship phones.

Many fans are comparing the S21 Ultra with other top-end phones such as iPhone 12 and Google Pixel 5. After all, all three phones are often mentioned as the phone with the best camera in various lists.

The fans noticed that both iPhone 12 and Pixel 5 could produce a sharp image albeit their camera has lower Megapixels. As you know, iPhone 12 only has a 12MP main camera, and Google put 12.2MP Sony Exmor as Pixel 5 main camera.

The differences lie in the fact that Apple and Google chose to have an improved software to process the images. Their software has better processing to work on the color balance. And make the phones able to produce sharp images albeit having a lower megapixel camera.

Samsung S22 Ultra will support S-Pen

Anyway, the same report also mentioned that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will support S-Pen. We’re not sure if Samsung is aware that this move raises more questions than answering them.

galaxy s22 ultra s-pen

The S-Pen is a known bundle that comes along with the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Samsung may have confirmed that there is no Galaxy Note 21. But some of the phablet fans are still hoping that it means there is a Galaxy Note 22 with a massive upgrade.

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Another question is about the handset dimension. A report mentioned that the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series will be smaller than the current S21 series. Even though S22 Ultra will still be 6.82 inches display size, but with thinner dimension.

A smaller dimension leads to questioning the battery capability. The current S21 Ultra has a 5000mAH battery that supports a 25w fast charge. The rumor for S22 Ultra is that it will support 65w fast charging. To compare, the S21 takes a little over an hour to full charge. With a 65w fast charging, S22 may only need 40 minutes to fully charge the battery.

galaxy s22 65w fast charging

Another report mentioned that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have LTPO. This technology allows the handset to adjust battery usage. It makes even switching between apps even easier and smoother.

It is still not known if Samsung will put the Ultra to replace the Galaxy Note series. But with the recent reports and confirmations, it is highly possible. That will make the pricing scheme for the upcoming S22 series interesting.

Many people believe that S22 will have a similar pricing scheme to S21. But we won’t have any definite answer until next year. The reports mentioned that Samsung is planning for a release in January 2022.

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