How to Activate Game Booster Plus on Samsung Galaxy S22 Series & Functions

In the event you are also using the S22 series for playing games, you should know how to activate Game Booster Plus on Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

When Samsung designed the phone, they also had the gamers in mind. It’s no longer a secret that people have been using their phones to play games, and Samsung wants to make the experience better.  So, what is the Game Booster, anyway?

Understanding Game Booster Concept

Activate Game Booster Plus on Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

Game Booster has been meant to make whatever game you are into an even better experience. This feature would make use of the monitoring ability of your phone to see the performance of the device and also your (gaming) usage.

Game Booster basically uses the data about the memory and temperature to adjust the setting automatically, so you can get the best experience only.

With this Game Booster, you won’t need to have a divided attention. Let all of your focus and energy being concentrated on the game.

If you want to get the high score, you can even disable the Edge and Bixby panel, or even hide notifications, so you won’t be distracted.

How to Activate Game Booster Plus on Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

S22 Series icon Game Booster icons

Once you know how to activate Game Booster Plus on Samsung Galaxy S22 series, your gaming moment will never be the same anymore.

  • When you play the game, you need to perform a swipe, depending on the viewing mode you are in. If you are in the landscape mode, you need to swipe left. But if you use the portrait, then swipe up.
  • You should now see the icon Game Booster
  • Choose ‘Start’
  • Just like that, you have activated the Game Booster. And you can return to the game immediately.
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Device Performance Check

As it was mentioned before, Game Booster is created to make your gaming experience better. It helps optimize the phone’s memory, temperature, and battery. If you want to check your own performance, here are some of the steps:

  • While still playing the game, swipe left (when in landscape mode) or up (in portrait)
  • Click the icon Game Booster
  • You should see the information about the battery, memory, and temperature being displayed
  • When you spend quite a while playing games, Game Booster would optimize your phone automatically. But if you don’t want it to be optimized, click the section for performance monitor
  • Click the auto control switch so your phone won’t optimize itself automatically

Access the Pop up Panel

This feature provides a fast access to your apps (four of them). This can be helpful when you want to check the message or the email, or even access the video. Feel free to customize the pop up panel so you are able to have your favorite apps.

  • While playing the game, swipe left or up
  • Click the icon for Game Booster
  • You should now see the pop up panel on the top area of the screen
  • If you want to customize the apps, click on the icon ‘More Options’
  • If you want to remove any app, simply choose the ‘Remove’ icon
  • Click the apps that you want to have within the panel

Managing all of these isn’t that hard, is it? That’s how to activate Game Booster Plus on Samsung Galaxy S22 series as well as unlocking its features.

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