Ways on How to Activate Motion & Gesture on Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

If you have a Galaxy S22 series, you should know how to activate motion and gesture on Samsung Galaxy S22 series. After all, the gestures and motions features are designed to help the users to enjoy faster, easier, and simpler operation.

Don’t you love it when you can take a screenshot with only waving your hand? Or when you do some hand movements, you can mute the notifications or turn on the phone?

Many users claim that Galaxy S22 series are fun to tweak and ‘play with’ but you should know how to activate (or deactivate) them to enjoy more features.

The Various Gesture Perks

You are able to tap or swipe without actually having to touch your phone. But in order to do so, you will have to activate it.

Various Gesture Perks s22

If you know how to activate motion and gesture on Samsung Galaxy S22 series, these steps would be familiar to you.  Simply access ‘Settings’ and go with ‘Advanced Features’. Afterwards, choose ‘Motion and Gestures’ and you would be able to do these:

  • Turn the screen on by double tapping it. This is handy as well as avoiding accidental turn on by performing a double tap.
  • Wake the phone by lifting it. Just lift it and you should be able to see messages and notifications.
  • Turn the screen off by double tapping it on the Home Screen or Lock’s empty space
  • Open (or close) the notification panel by doing a swipe down or up (on the fingerprint sensor)
  • Mute calls and alarms by placing the hand over your screen. If you want to silence it, you can turn the phone with face down
  • Keep the screen on while still viewing it.
  • Alert you when you pick the phone. It will vibrate when you pick up the phone.
  • Capture the screen (doing a screen short) by swiping the edge (of the hand) across the screen.
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Doing the Swipes

how to activate motion and gesture on Samsung Galaxy S22 series

If you want to personalize more of the swiping features, you can do this.

  • Access ‘Settings’
  • Go with ‘Display’ and then choose ‘Navigation Bar’
  • Within the ‘Navigation Type’, go with the option ‘Swipe Gestures’
  • If you want to customize  the gestures, you can also choose ‘More Options’  and then choose ‘Swipe from buttons’ as well as ‘Swipe from bottom and sides’.
  • If you want to change the sensitivity of the gestures, feel free to do it, especially if you have a back case (or cover) for the phone. Increase its sensitivity so you are able to properly use the feature.

Let’s say that you choose ‘Swipe from bottom and sides’ and this is how the new control should work:

To open recent apps, you should wipe up and then hold on from the screen bottom

To go back, you can swipe inwards. You are able to do it from the screen’s either side

To launch Google Assistant, you should swipe diagonally from the screen bottom corner (either side)

To go to the home screen, you should be able to swipe up from the screen bottom

Be advised that it may take a while to get used to this kind of thing. Make time to ‘play around’ and don’t get frustrated when you don’t make it the first time.

By knowing how to activate motion and gesture on Samsung Galaxy S22 series and unlock other features, you won’t have any problem enjoying your phone.


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