How to Charge a Samsung Galaxy Watch without a Charger: PowerShare and Wireless Charger

Do you need to know how to charge a Samsung Galaxy Watch without a charger? Wait, is it even possible? Yes, it is! Samsung has developed a technology where it’s possible to charge your watch even without a charger.

That’s why they created the PowerShare technology, which is designed to help Samsung users charge the device in emergency situation.

However, you should know the pros and cons of using this technology because everything must come with its strength and flaws.

What Is PowerShare?

PowerShare technology is a wireless feature that is exclusively belonging to Samsung. It can be found in Samsung flagship devices, such as the series of Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Z Flip.

how to charge a Samsung Galaxy Watch without a charger

This technology would turn the phone’s back area into a wireless charger, allowing you to charge other devices supporting charging.

You can make use of this technology to your secondary mobile phone or any accessory supporting Qi (wireless) charging.

So, if you your watch is running out of juice, you can turn your smartphone (provided that you have those high-end smartphones) into a wireless charging port that would share its battery to your watch – or another secondary device.

How to Charge the Watch Wirelessly

There are two ways on how to charge a Samsung Galaxy Watch without a charger. The first one is by using a wireless charger that doesn’t require you to plug in any connector to your watch. You simply place your watch on the charging pad and the battery would be replenished.

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The steps to use the wireless charger:

  • Connect the charger to a power adapter or wall electric outlet
  • Place your watch within the charging area
  • Make sure that your watch is aligned perfectly with the charging pad. Make adjustments whenever necessary. This would make sure that your watch is charged more efficiently and faster.

Another way to fill in the juice without a charger is to use the PowerShare. How can you manage it?

Wireless PowerShare

  • On your phone, swipe down. Access ‘Quick Settings’
  • Find the option ‘Wireless PowerShare’ and tap it so it can be activated.
  • Place your phone with the face down
  • Now, place your watch on the top of your phone. Make sure that it’s on the center so the phone can share batteries with your watch. Keep in mind that you may need to readjust the position of the watch. The charging will start automatically, but it happens only when both devices’ charging coils are correctly aligned. If your watch doesn’t start charging even after you have placed it, you may have to readjust the position.

Important Consideration

Although PowerShare may seem convenient, it’s only for emergency situation. You aren’t advised to do this quite often as it can generate heat (which isn’t needed by your phone). In the long run, using the PowerShare will only hurt your battery. You really don’t want it to happen to your device

All in all, it’s always possible to charge the watch even without the regular charger, as long as you know how. But you still need to be careful on how to charge a Samsung Galaxy Watch without a charger.

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