How to Enable Dynamic Island on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra

You can learn about how to enable Dynamic Island on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra if you are interested in the feature. This feature has been the talk of the tech community within the last months.

Most of them are marveled on how handy it becomes. It helps you enjoy various tasks together; not to mention giving you more access to the handy features and apps. If you want to learn more about it, read on.

Understanding Dynamic Island Concept

The Dynamic Island feature originally was created for iPhone 14 Pro. When the phone was released, this feature becomes a huge hit. People are talking about how they like it and how handy it is.

Dynamic Island Concept SAMSUNG S22

And then, the Android manufacturers try to ‘imitate’ the concept and come up with their own Dynamic Island ability.

The idea is to create a flawless and impressive software as well as hardware implementation. It is able to display all info concerning the running apps within a minute format.

It has a lot of fascinating abilities, such as multitasking, ongoing calls, music playbacks, shortcuts, and so much more.

Dynamic Island also powers this game, Hit the Island, which is available for the phone – well, at least for iPhone 14 Pro.

Dynamic Island and Galaxy S22

Is it possible to have such a Dynamic Island for Samsung Galaxy S22? As it was mentioned before, after the success with the iPhone, many of the Android manufacturers try to imitate the feature.

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They are doing quite well although they may not be able to 100% imitate the real deal. With the DynamicSpot app, you can also enjoy Dynamic Island for S22.

If seen from a glimpse, the DynamicSpot is almost similar to the Dynamic Island. No wonder if many people would refer it as Samsung-version of Dynamic Island.

Getting the DynamicSpot

how to enable Dynamic Island on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra

Before you learn about how to enable Dynamic Island on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra, you need to learn getting one first.

  • Go to the PlayStore and find DynamicSpot
  • Download and install the app
  • Open it and choose ‘Next’ so you can access the permission page
  • Choose the apps by following the given directions. When you choose ‘Select Apps’, you basically pick which apps would activate the popup window. In the ‘Notification Access’, you need to do this to recognize the incoming notifications. You will also need to have ‘Draw on Screen’ feature to display the floating popup window. Choose ‘Done’ once you have finalized everything
  • Access ‘Popup Settings’ and then choose the dimensions, position, and size based on the phone’s pill or notch

Not only you have got the app, but you have enabled it too.

Keep in mind that this feature can’t be 100% the same as the ‘real’ Dynamic Island because the entire implementation and system are different.

But if you want to get a slight experience of the Dynamic Island, this DynamicSpot should be able to give you the same function and perks.

Final Words

DynamicSpot is a free app that is pretty lightweight; only 3MB in size. If you have been wondering how to enable Dynamic Island on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra, you have now found the answer.

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