How to Fix S Pen Not Working on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra with Different Methods

Not only you need to know how to fix S Pen not working on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra, but you should also know the possible causes that can make the issue exist from the start.

S Pen Not Working s22

By knowing the cause of the problem, you can prevent such thing from happening again in the future. It also means that you can maintain and care your device for longer period of time, instead of having to deal with the repair work.

The Possible Causes

The S Pen may malfunction because of faulty issue. If you use unofficial screen protectors or cases, it may affect not only the pen, but also the pen and how the stylus responds.

In most cases, if the accessories don’t meet Samsung’s standard, you can’t really expect them to work properly.

It’s also possible that the pen is worn and outdated. The stylus tip may experience tear and wear, especially if you use the pen quite often on a daily basis.

Moreover, it’s also possible that your phone has bugs, which affect the function of the pen.

How to Solve the Issue

When the pen suffers from a malfunction, you should learn a few simple tricks on how to fix S Pen not working on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus.

how to reboot S Pen s22

Feel free to try each of these ways until the pen functions properly again.

  • Reboot your pen. In most cases, your pen is okay. It’s basically just ‘tired’. A simple reboot would repair the glitch and it should run normally again
  • Remove the (third-party) covers or cases. Not many people know this, but many of these protective cases (especially the third party types) have magnets and metals that may interfere with the connection. It may affect the connection between the S Pen and your mobile phone. Try removing these cases, if any, and see whether the condition improves
  • Remove the screen protectors. Some protectors may be too thick and it can interfere with the connection. Because of the thickness, the phone can’t detect the Pen properly. It’s also possible that the protectors are also sensitive to uneven, rubbery, and hard surfaces, affecting how the pen move or drag on the display screen
  • Reset the Pen. It’s possible that the connection to the pen is interrupted or disconnected. You only need to reconnect it.
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Further Possible Fixes

The above methods are the ones that are quite common and normal done to the S Pen when it experiences issues.

However, if the problem persists even after you have tried all of those methods above, you should continue and proceed with these solutions:

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra apps crashing

  • Check for software update. You should consult your manual when you want to check the update. In most cases, updates are needed to tackle malware and bugs. When you update the software, you make it better in performance; boosting its ability to function well. Once you update the software, don’t forget to restart it and test your pen out.
  • Replace the tip. If the strokes have been inconsistent or your phone can’t register the pen, it’s highly likely that you need to change the tip. After all, replacing one would be easy.

If all methods fail, you can always contact the customer service. They should be able to help you and provide the best method on how to fix S pen not working on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus.

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