How to Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus & Ultra with 7 Easy Methods

Mastering only one method on how to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus & Ultra is not enough. The reason is the fact that you may want to use the most effective way depending on the situation you are in.

When you find it hard to press the buttons for a screenshot task, then you must find the other ways.

So here are some options you may consider using in taking a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S20 device.

Press The Buttons

how to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S20

Press the buttons and your screenshot is done. That is the most applicable way of screenshoting on Samsung device due to the ease and effectiveness.

All you need to do is just pressing and holding the volume down and power buttons. In a second, you’ll see the screenshot is taken.

Palm Swipe Gesture

how to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S21

Keep in mind that to enable this option, you need to go to Settings and Advanced Features. Select Motion and Gestures, and go for Palm Swipe to Capture. This will allow you to swipe your palm across the screen. Voila! The screenshot is taken.

Smart Capture Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus & Ultra

As its name, you’ll find it smart enough to screenshot using Smart Capture as it will enable you to capture the whole page of the website rather than the screen you see at the moment. However, you need to activate the menu firstly by heading to Settings and Advanced Features. Then, opt for Screenshots and Screen Recorder to find Screenshot Toolbar.

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Choose “Scroll Capture” and your device will take more screenshots as you want.

Digital Assistant

Samsung has Bixby Digital Assistant that you can make use of to screenshot. Here are the steps to follow:

Bixby home > Settings > Voice wake-up

  • Setup the feature through Bixby Home. Go to settings and Voice Wake-Up.
  • Press and hold Bixby Button on your device and say “Take a Screenshot”.

Smart Select

If you want to screenshot only a small part of the viewed content on your device screen, use Smart Select. First, activate the option by heading to Settings, Display and Edge Screen. Later, you will find Edge Panels. Swipe to open it and you’ve got to choose “Smart Select”.

Smart Select provides you with shape options for your screenshots. They are square and oval. So choose the area you want to screenshot and done.

Assistant Menu

Among all of the available options, Assistant Menu is regarded as the easiest way when the existing options do not work.

Activate Assistant Menu by heading to Settings, Accessibility, Interaction and dexterity. Once you see a small circle, tap on it and you will be viewed some options. Click on Screenshots and done.

Screenshot Toolbar

The last but not least option on how to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S20 is Screenshot Toolbar which appears at the bottom of your device screen. Simply find it to quickly access to screenshot.

Luckily, Screenshot toolbar comes with extra tools such as scrolling, crop, tagging and share. These tools are very useful if you want to edit your screenshot and do other things with it.

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Scroll to make it taller, crop to save the part you select, tag to find it easier and share it to your contacts easily.

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