Quick Tutorials, How To Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus & Ultra

Without tutorials, you may find it hard to know how to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus & Ultra as Samsung also changes the method recently. At this point, there have been available some different ways to taking screenshot on the device.

First, using smart capture or screenshot toolbar is recommended but making use of the buttons is also common. Second, you must have known that palm swipe gesture today is easier among users.

However, there are still a number of options out there to choose from like using Assistant Menu, Accessibility Menu and more.

Now you had better check with some tutorials we provide here.

Smart Capture or Screenshot Toolbar

how to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S21

Screenshot toolbar has been an option to take a screenshot on Galaxy S series. Keep in mind that using toolbar is one of the fastest way of making up the screenshot instead of heading to the Gallery.

  • First, turn on the toolbar on the settings and go for advanced features. Choose screenshots and screen recorder on the default setting. Then, tap on “Show Toolbar after Capturing”.
  • Second, scroll the capture in order that all the parts are viewed. If you want to remove all the original screenshot after sharing the toolbar, simply choose the delete options available in Settings menu. It is on advanced features option.

How To Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus & Ultra

Palm Swipe Gesture

Samsung also offers palm swipe gesture method to take a screenshot. This way, the tutorials only consist of three simple steps as follows:

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how to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S21

  1. First, go to Settings and Advanced Features. Choose “Palm Swipe to Capture” option.
  2. Simply swipe across the display, right or left with your hand.
  3. Finally, a screenshot is taken and saved on your album.

You can turn off this palm swipe gesture anytime.


Buttons will make easy on taking screenshot as long as you keep the content you are going to shoot on the screen. So start by pressing the volume down and power buttons at the same time. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do it too long. Simply, you will just capture the screen and you may check it soon on your album. As simple as that.

Assistant Menu

Using Assistant Menu is also easy and working well. You just need to go to Settings and choose “Accessibility” option. Once you are viewed with “Interaction and dexterity” option, activate the option “Assistant Menu”. This will help you to get a Screenshot menu to easily take a shot on the screen.

Accessibility Menu

One more method on how to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S21 you can try is using Accessibility Menu. Much like Assistant Menu, this option cane be found on Settings ˃ Accessibility ˃ Installed Services. Turn the menu on and swipe up your two fingers from the bottom of the home screen. Well, the screenshot option is available there.

Your Voice

Amazing! Even a voice can send a screenshot task on the phone. Yes, speak up to Google by saying “Hey Google, take a screenshot” and it works in a second.

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