How To Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet S6 & S7 Lite or Ultra Easily

Samsung always has fantastically features that everyone attracts at. As home button is removed on the older version of tablet, you need to check the best ways on how to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet S6 & S7 Lite or Ultra right now. Luckily all the tab series provide the same way of taking a screenshot.

Here are some of the best ways you may be wondering to know and try soon on your Samsung Tablet.

Hold the Buttons

samsung s7 tablet screenshot

Holding the buttons is the easiest way to screenshot according to the users. There are only two steps to follow easily.


First, head to the screen that you are going to screenshot and second, press and hold the Power and Volume down Buttons altogether at the same time. This will allow your device to take a full size of screenshot.

Use S Pen Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet S6 & S7 Lite or Ultra

samsung s7 tablet s pen to screenshot

There are two methods in using S Pen to screenshot. You can either use S Pen Smart or S Pen Screen Write. Both methods are easy and simple to follow. But you need to remove the S Pen from your S6 & S7 Samsung Tablet as the early required steps.

  • S Pen Smart Select

After removing your S Pen from the tablet, capture your selected screen and tap on “Air Command Menu” icon. Later, choose “Smart Select” and determine which shape you will use to screenshot.

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Keep in mind that you have to drag the S Pen across the screen captured and save. Check your gallery and you’ll find your screenshot is already available there.

  • S Pen Screen Write

Make sure you have removed the S Pen from your Samsung tablet. Choose content to capture and click on “Air Command Menu” icon. Select “Screen Write” menu. Automatically, your device will capture the content on your screen. To finish the step, choose “Save” menu.

Remember, to check with your Samsung device whether it has S Pen stylus feature. This can be helpful when you want to take only a small part of the screen.

Use Gesture Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet S6 & S7 Lite or Ultra

Do you remember that Samsung has already had a series of gestures to send specific functions? Swiping your palm was one of the gestures that you can still make use of right now to take a screenshot. According to the users, this is the coolest way of capturing the tablet’s screen.

Here are the steps to follow:

how to screenshot on Samsung Tablet S6 & S7 how to screenshot on Samsung Tablet S6 & S7

  • Activate the feature. Head to Settings and go for Advanced Features. Find “Motion and Gestures.” Then, turn on “Palm Swipe to Capture” option.
  • Swipe the screen you want to capture. If you position your hand correctly, you’ll get the screenshot.

Use Voice Command

One more common way on how to screenshot on Samsung Tablet S6 & S7 is utilizing a feature of voice command. This option is the best for those who are busy and don’t have much time to take any app for a screenshot. Here is how to do it.

  • Activate your digital voice assistance. Usually, Samsung is featured by Google assistant or Bixby.
  • Say “Hay, take a screenshot” and your device will simply take a screenshot.
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