How to Split Screen on Samsung S21 5G & Ultra Easily: Understanding the Steps

Knowing how to split screen on Samsung S21 5G & Ultra easily can really help you achieve better efficiency and productivity. With the split screen, you are allowed to use (and access) two different apps altogether.

This can be hugely beneficial if you are working, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it for other purposes either, such as entertainment, having fun, and others.

Whether you are using the S21 or the S21 Ultra, the steps are basically the same. after all, they are coming in the same series, so there won’t be any huge difference.

Benefits of Split Screen

Also known as the Multi Window feature, this one can be highly effective and useful, especially for those who are always active and use their devices. This feature is meant to boost users’ productivity.

How to Split Screen on Samsung S21 5G

With the multi window access, users are able to multitask easily. By opening and accessing to different apps together, you can only imagine all the possible achievements and efficiency that can be done – without compromising efforts, work, and time.

How to Manage the Setup

So, how to split screen on Samsung S21 5G & Ultra easily? Remember, this method is applicable to all users with S21 series, which means that they are using the S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra.

  • Turn on your Samsung phone
  • You will have to open various apps on your phone. When you have opened two apps, go with the ‘Recent Apps’ located on the lower left side
  • On your device’s bottom area (right on the left side), choose the button. When you tap on it, you should get the access to all background apps which would be operating (and working) at the same time.
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How to Split Screen on Samsung S21 5G

  • See the top side (of the background app). You should see the icon
  • Click the icon, where you will be given 4 (or even 5) options. Go with the ‘Open in Split Screen View’
  • Choose the second app. It should go side by side with the first one.
  • You have successfully made a split screen. You can now use both of the apps without any hindrance or interruption.
  • If you want to close this feature, choose the Home Button. Drag upward the second app so your phone would return to normal.

Picture in Picture Tech

Samsung also offers the so-called PIP (Picture in Picture) feature that is almost similar to the Split Screen technology, but with different concept and basis.

With PIP, you can play a video within a small window, while the rest of the screen can be used for another thing. But like the Split Screen technology available in the high-end devices, the PIP is only available for at least Android 8, and above.

Final Words

Let’s not forget that you need to open both apps before you can activate the multi window feature. You can also adjust the window size, move it around, and then hold it.

It’s basically understanding how the basic function and operation is before we can really understand how to split screen on Samsung S21 5G & Ultra easily.


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