How to Use S Pen on Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra and Unlocking the Abilities

Although Galaxy S22 Ultra does have its own pen, not everyone knows how to use S Pen on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. If you are using the S21 Ultra, though, the pen is considered extra accessory so you won’t get the pen.

You only get the pen when you buy the S22 Ultra. You should also remember that this S Pen won’t be compatible with other Galaxy S series, so you can only use it for the Galaxy S22 (or the S21) Ultra.

S22 Ultra Air Command

S22 Air Command

This pen has its own Air Command menu that allows you to access its useful (and even cool) features, such as Bixby Vision, Translate, and Screen Write.

If you want to access the menu, simply hover the pen over your screen and then press the button on the pen’s side. There are several default features of the menu:

  • You can do screen write, which is writing or drawing on the screen
  • You would be able to create note. Just open Samsung Notes and off you go!
  • You are able to perform Smart Select where you can collect contents or make your personalized own GIFs.
  • You should be able to translate. Just hover the pen over the word and that’s it.
  • You would be able to make live message, in which you create handwritten messages, GIFs, or emojis and send them to other
  • You can also enjoy AR Doodle where you can write or draw AR text on the viewfinder part of the camera – and you can do it in real time manner!
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Smart Select

S22 s pen Smart Select

This is another useful part on how to use S Pen on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. This feature enables you to capture the screen; basically like doing a screenshot.

Simply capture an image or site, and then write something (or even draw something) on it. If you want to capture the screen:

  • Hover the pen and press the button on the side (of the pen)
  • Choose ‘Smart Select’ and pick your choice.
  • Drag the pen across the selected content.

When you have selected the content, there are options available:

  • Auto select would change the look of the area automatically
  • Pin to screen or insert would pin the chosen image to Home Screen
  • Share enables you to share the chosen area through social media, email, and others
  • Draw allows you to draw or write on the chosen part
  • Extract text allows you to extract a particular text within the screenshot and then you can share it via messages or text

AR Doodle

This cool feature allows you to make drawings ‘out of the thin air’ when you are using the camera’s at the same time. In the Camera, open AR Zone and then choose AR Doodle.

S22 s pen AR Doodle

Pose, record, and then draw. Even with the video recording, you are able to take photos too and then share them.

Final Words

There are so many things you can do with the pen, really.

AS long as you know how to use S Pen on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, you can get creative and have fun with your phone!

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