How to Use S22 Ultra S Pen as a Camera Remote: Activating the Feature

Do you know how to use S22 Ultra S Pen as a camera remote? Yes, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with its own S Pen as a whole package, and the pen has super cool features and abilities.

how to use S22 Ultra S Pen as a camera remote

Simply connect your pen with the phone through the Bluetooth, and you are able to control the phone, even from 10 meters.

Naturally, you will have to activate the feature to finally be able to use it, but once you do, you should be able to unlock the pen’s ability and useful function.

To Enable the Feature

Choose S Pen remote

Before knowing how to use S22 Ultra S Pen as a camera remote, you should do these things:

  • Slide up the screen so you can see more options
  • Find ‘Settings’ and click on it
  • Once you are in, find ‘Advanced Features’
  • Then go with ‘S Pen’
  • Choose ‘S Pen remote’. In this stage, you should see that the S Pen’s default setting to open the Camera
  • Change the (default) setting by tapping the option ‘Hold down the Pen Button to’ and then choose the app that you want
  • On the app section, you should see the slider is on the ‘On’ position. When you want to change the setting, simply slide it and tap the required action you want to perform

The Facts about S Pen

One of the cool things that differentiate the S Pen from other similar pens is its ability to function as a selfie stick. It’s basically like a remote control where you simply click the button and the device would be able to take a picture.

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However, you can also use it to pause music or to browse photos. Thanks to its remote controllable feature, you can do all of these things:

  • Play, skip, or pause songs. If you are using Spotify or Samsung Music, simply open the apps, press the side area of the pen to pause or play a song. Do a double press if you want to skip the song. Keep in mind, though, that the pen function won’t work if you open music files from My Files. You will have to use only the compatible apps.
  • Open the camera and take pictures. Hold the side area of the S pen for around 2 seconds to open the Camera. Then do a single press to take a picture. If you want to switch the mode (from Regular to Selfie), press it 2 times.
  • Browse the gallery. Press once on the side of the pen to view the next picture. If you want to view the previous, image, press twice.

Pairing the Pen

The maximum operational limit would be around 30 feet. If it’s further, then it would be automatically disconnected from the phone. The pen uses an advanced Bluetooth emitting low frequency signal.

Unlike the traditional Bluetooth, you won’t have to pair it to the phone. It saves you time from having to pair and then unpair it. If you lose the connection, simply insert the pen back to the phone again.

It will restore the connection automatically. That’s how sophisticated the pen is and how to use S22 Ultra S Pen as a camera remote for your best advantage.

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