iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max Camera Issue and How To Fix Them

Perhaps you won’t believe even modern devices like iPhone has problem, right? But most users reported that there was iPhone 14 Pro Camera issue when they wanted to capture with third-party apps.

Camera shaking, camera bugs and software capabilities are noted to be the issues that makes the users feel uncomfortable for having fun or even working.

Feel lucky as we are going to evaluate the camera issue on iPhone 14 Pro today. So keep reading this article and find the valuable information.

iPhone 14 Camera Issues

There are at least three issues causing iPhone 14 Pro unable to take a picture properly. As a result, the captured images seem unsatisfying.

iPhone 14 Camera Issues

  1. Camera Shaking

Both iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max are reported to have camera shaking issue. This way, the camera shakes when the users want to capture. This is mostly because the users use a third-part app like Facebook, Instagram and etc. For example, you prefer taking picture with Instagram camera, Facebook camera and etc. Well, it has nothing to do with the phone’s camera.

  1. Camera Bugs

Frequently, there is a handful of updates. This causes camera bugs resulting in black display during the device setup. However, there isn’t any response from Apple dealing with the issue.

  1. Software Capabilities

Software capabilities are the next issue why iPhone’s camera is in problem resulting in over-processed images. This way, the phone doesn’t have enough space for large camera sensors. It also seems that the phone’s camera software is overworking.

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How to Fix iPhone Camera Issues

As there are problems, there are always solutions. Just because Apple is slowly responding the users’ complaint about the iPhone 14 Pro Camera issue issues doesn’t mean that we cannot fix the problem. After evaluating the issues, here are how to fix:

iPhone 14 Camera Issues


  1. Choose the best camera app or you may use the iPhone 14’s camera. Interestingly, new iPhone 14 series are equipped with camera upgrades along with the impressive camera features and technological advancements.
  2. Camera bugs can be fixed by downloading iOS updates. Thus, head to Settings, General and Software Updates.
  3. iPhone 14 Pro camera issues caused by software capabilities can be solved by upgrading the hardware. It seems that the software is overworking, resulting in over-processed and artificial-looking images. Thus, it is expected that iPhone 14 pro has a better camera sensor. This way, the users hope that the company will restore the balance of software and hardware.

In short, you don’t have to be panic as if the issue couldn’t be solved. Though Apple hasn’t responded yet about the users’ complaint in the report, we can surely identify the issue and try to find the specific things as solutions.

For example, if iPhone 14 Pro Camera issue is caused by the over working software, we could download a camera app that has more capabilities. That can enhance the result of creating the best quality.

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