Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Review, Price & Specs

Believe it or not, Samsung Galaxy buds 2 pro can be excellently functioned. Many people like this pair of buds because of its great active noise cancelling (ANC) that has low frequencies. Samsung users consider using these buds due to the handy and good performance for productivity.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Today, we share you the Samsung Galaxy buds 2 pro review, price and specs. So you can directly head to the review section below:

Pros and Cons

Reviewing a product must include pros and cons to show what people like and dislike about the product. In this case, the reason why the buds are recommended is the sound quality, great ANC, touch panels that has a good level of sensitivity, water resistance and intelligent convention mode.

However, some minus sides are also the reasons why people do not recommend the product. This way, Samsung Galaxy buds 2 pro is prone to scratches and nicks. The battery is fine but the app lacks of custom EQ.

Physical Characteristics

Samsung Galaxy buds 2 pro review, price and specs

Samsung Galaxy buds 2 pro is physically featured by a matte and rubberized plastic case shaped in square. This makes the buds look very differently from other buds.

Yes, these ones are just nice and grippy. Unfortunately, the materials can scratch very easily.

The lid can close due to the magnet used in the lid. The magnets used are strong enough to pull the buds into the case. The outside part of each earbud is coated by rubber while the inside consists of smooth plastic.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Specs

In this Samsung Galaxy buds 2 pro review, price and specs, you will know that the buds’ silicone ear tips are available in three sizes. Those are 11mm, 13mm and 15mm. These sizes will make you easy to swap them out for a finicky process. The dimensions are 17.0 x 20.9 x 21mm.

The Fit Test application allows you to choose set. However, the buds do not offer the secure fit as you wish. Thy are just comfortable for stretches. The battery will probably drain even before you can remove the buds from your ears.

Voice commands are the other available options for those who like using smart assistant. Using these Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 pro will enable you to simply say “Hi, Bixby” and make a voice command.

You ca also try the tap-and-hold gesture for Spotify Tap. This feature offers an audio play you can turn on where you left off last. If you don’t want to turn on Spotify, then you have another option.

Yes, you have tap-and-hold function differ that is available both on the left and right earbuds.


New Samsung Galaxy buds 2 pro was priced at $199 USD. But the latest version is priced at $229 USD. There is an extra $30 USD increased price.

Now that you’ve known more about Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 pro, you can purchase it to enjoy experiencing with your Samsung smartphone. Get now and make everything excited.

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