Samsung Galaxy S22 Specs and Feature Update you Should Know

There are many good things about Samsung Galaxy S21. But with the new Samsung Galaxy S22 already looming on the horizon, we have some reservations about the circulating rumors. But of course, everyone has a personal opinion on what they want to see on the Samsung flagship phone. Below is the new rumors about Samsung Galaxy S22 specs and feature.

There was hardly any complaint about the Samsung camera. A lot of websites have put Samsung Galaxy S21 as one of the flagship phones with the best camera out there.

samsung galaxy s22 specs

New Samsung Galaxy S22 Specs and Feature: Rumors

After all, Samsung managed to make the price more affordable than its predecessor, Galaxy S20. All while still upgrading several key features. However, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t wish or expect something new from the Korean giant. Samsung Galaxy S21 is close to perfection, but it still has room for upgrades.

Preferably Pocket-Size

The new flagship phone could be more pocket-friendly in size. The S21 Ultra can be quite a handful with 6.68 inches size. While some people may not mind the gigantic size, but some people think that it’s a tad too much. After all, not everyone has a large palm or incline to type with both hands.

So many rumors about the S22 sizes. One of them saying that Samsung is considering a smaller phone for the basic size. And keeping the Ultra line for the larger version.

AMD Graphic

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Not a lot of people are aware of the collaboration between Samsung and AMD. Both companies agreed to work together in 2019 and have been going on steady. But it’s off the radar because we are yet to see any hardware made by AMD for Samsung that is equipped into their phones.

This is a shame since AMD is known to be one of the companies that gives the best graphic cards. It would be great to see some of the AMD-specific hardware installed in a Samsung phone.

Hopefully can see this partnership in the next Galaxy S22. Or maybe Samsung is secretly working on the gaming-specific phone to compete with the likes of Asus ROG phones. If that is the case, fingers crossed, it will be a very interesting phone to watch.

Improved Camera

Both Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and S21 Ultra have similar camera features. But the S21 Ultra has more refined sensors than the predecessor. For a company as big as Samsung, improving the camera should not be a problem.

samsung galaxy s22 ultra camera 200 mp

There has been a rumor that S22 will be equipped with a 200MP camera. But as we all know; a large megapixel barely means a thing when it’s not supported with the right sensor and software. So hopefully that rumor will stay as it is. And Samsung is bringing innovations for the camera in Galaxy S22.

Better Storage Option

While it’s true that 128GB storage is large enough for regular uses, but it would be better if the next Samsung S22 has the option for expanding the memory, just like in Galaxy Note 20. It will make file management a lot easier as well.

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Don’t forget that a camera with a big megapixel will take a large image file. Before you know it, the 512GB storage is not enough to save all of your pictures.

Whether you are keen on gaming, active on social media, love taking pictures, or enjoying music and movies. Having a storage slot on your phone would help a lot. A simple addition such as another 512GB or even 1TB microSD can help you on keeping important documents and memories.

Better Price

It is no secret that flagship phones are always on top of the line. But Samsung managed to cut the price for S21 to almost $200 compared to when S20 was first released. It would be great if they could do the same tactic for the next S22.

The competition among manufacturers is getting relentless. Some of them are willing to provide flagship phones at more affordable prices and similar specifications to the Samsung Galaxy series.

Samsung has quite a lot of expectations to meet with their S22. But none of the expectations are too much or over the top. As we said before, Galaxy S21 is a great phone, but it still has room for improvement. A smaller phone with an AMD-charged graphic can be a good starter.

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