Update! Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra 5G Series Price Prediction & Speculation

After the Galaxy S23 series is said to be available soon enough, especially for the 2023 year, a lot of people are curious about Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra 5G series price.

Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra 5G series price

Samsung has done a very good job in producing the Galaxy S22 model, but they are developing themselves and they don’t have any plan to stop; at least, not for now.

And now, they are planning on producing the new S23 model and they have been preparing. Unfortunately, they haven’t made any official confirmation about when they are going to release their new flagship phone.

About the New S23 Series

As the new flagship device, the S23 would replace the S22 model series. The S22 has gained positive name and popularity, especially when compared to the S Ultra. The camera technology is impressive and breathtaking. And you can enjoy the S pen extra, with its built-in stylus and ability.

Rumor has it that the new S23 Ultra would be packed with even more sophisticated technologies, such as the super bright camera (with 200 MP), super fast and responsive processor, and others.

Not only the phone is highly effective with promising performance, but it also supports better (power) efficiency.

The Predicted Price Range

According to predictions and speculations, the Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra 5G series price may likely start from around $1,200 – which is basically the same price as the predecessor. If there is nothing wrong and production can go smoothly without any challenge or obstacle, everything would go along the schedules.

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There are some factors that may affect the price. If there is no supply chain challenge, then the price would remain. Or if suddenly the company decides that they create a super sophisticated device (with 200MP sensor for the camera and quad curve style) and yet they put the ‘wrong’ inexpensive price label, they may have a second thought about the price.

Learning from the previous S22 Ultra production, it came with S pen and it has big battery capacity. And yet, the price range is still the same as the S20 Ultra. In fact, the S20 Ultra had higher price range, up to $1,400 so we still have hopes.

If everything is like the previous S22 model, the regular Galaxy S23 would have $800 as the starting price. The S23 Plus would be coming with $1,000 price tag. And then the S23 Ultra would be coming with a price of $1,200. Let’s just cross our finger that the price will remain the same.

Final Words

The predicted launch date is still several months away, but Samsung still hasn’t provided any information about their new flagship phone.

They may provide only slight information about the specs and features, but the information about the release date and price is still very limited. We can only entrust Samsung with their upcoming development; being hopeful that they are doing their best.

Until they are completely ready to provide more information, especially about Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra 5G series price, we can only wait and see.

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