How to Create a Secure Folder on Galaxy S22 to Hide Your Files

A Secure Folder enables you to private files, documents, images, videos, and applications. By making a unique password, you can hide your documents and applications in a particular folder in which only you can open it. If you submit your phone to someone, they can’t get access to personal documents. These are some ways how to create a Secure Folder on Galaxy S22.

secure folder on galaxy s22

Simple steps to create a Secure Folder on Galaxy S22

Before you create a Secure Folder on Galaxy S22, you must make a Samsung account. After that, you can follow the following steps to create a Secure Folder on your Samsung Galaxy S22.

  • Scroll down and click biometric and security.
  • Select a secure folder.
  • Click Agree.

set up secure folder on galaxy s22

  • Enter the password on your Samsung account.
  • Select the ways to protect your folder. You can select a pattern as your liking or  set a password.
  • Click Next.

secure folder lock galaxy s22

  • Then, you can make a pattern or password for your secure folder.
  • Prepare and make a secure folder.

Now, your Secure Folder has been made. It will be a new application icon appearing on Application Drawer. You can add files and photos to the Secure Folder. It is useless making a Secure Folder if you don’t know how to add it to it. A unique Secure Folder makes you add traditional files and images inside it. Samsung also enables you to add all applications. This application will save in a Secure Folder and doesn’t appear in the Application Drawer on your Home Screen.

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How to hide the Secure Folder

Keeping your files is an essential effort to keep your privacy. Though it is great to use fingerprints on Galaxy S22, it is not the end solution to keep your essential documents away. There will be some steps on how to hide a Secure Folder on Galaxy S22.

  • Access a biometric and security.
  • Click a secure folder and choose the option of Hiding a secure folder.

hide the folder

  • Then, click Hide or Ok to confirm it.

When you have hidden a secure folder, you want to access it. You can unhide the following ways.

  • Open a phone setting.
  • Choose a biometric and security.
  • Then, select a security folder menu and click a security folder icon on the screen bottom part.
  • You will ask to enter a pattern or password to access your secure folder.

Those are some ways to create a secure folder on Galaxy S22 and hide it. You can apply those easy ways for keeping your privacy on your Samsung smartphone.

What is a Secure Folder on Samsung Phone?

You may wonder why the secure folder on the Samsung Galaxy S22. A Secure Folder protects your application and contents such as photos and contacts so that it can’t be accessed by others. You can keep your contents and applications safely though your device key can open. It is a part of Samsung Knox, a built-in security system to keep your smartphone safe. A secure folder can be accessed through Knox. For more tricks about Secure Folder, you can access

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