How to Fix Galaxy S22 Won’t Charging Without Calling a Technician

You may be one of the Samsung Galaxy S22 users who report a charging issue. The truth is that some users also report the same issue while using the Samsung Galaxy S22. So, how to fix Samsung Galaxy S22 won’t charging? The tips to fix Samsung Galaxy S22 that won’t charge below may help you.

fix galaxy s22 won't charging

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy S22 is not charging

There are several reasons why your Samsung Galaxy S22 might not charge, and most can be fixed without any extra support.

Force Restart Your Samsung Galaxy S22

Buggy firmware can cause a variety of problems on your Samsung Galaxy S22, including charging problems. The basic trick to solve this issue is by force restarting the device. Restarting the device means returning the system to the previous condition where you don’t run any app and set the system.

force restart galaxy s22

The way to force stop Samsung Galaxy S22 is easy. You only have to press and hold the volume down and side button together for a few seconds. Ensure that you see a Samsung logo on the screen before releasing it. Wait a few seconds while the device reboots. Now, try to charge the device. Your Samsung Galaxy S22 will recharge again like before if there are no other problems.

Charge It While the Phone Off

There is a case where certain apps disrupt the charging system of the phone. As a result, your Galaxy S22 won’t charging even if there is something bad happening. So, how to fix Samsung Galaxy S22 won’t charging because of the third-party apps?

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turning off the phone and charging it

The simplest way to solve this issue is by turning off the phone and charging it. This trick shut off all the running apps except the recharging system. Check the charging percentage after doing this trick. It is often effective enough to repair Samsung Galaxy S22 that doesn’t want to recharge.

Try Another Charging Cable and Adapter

This problem may happen because there is a problem with the charging cable or adapter. Find another charging cable or adapter and recharge the device with it. You should buy a new charging cable if your device can recharge smoothly using other cables.

galaxy s22 usb charger

That’s why it is important to have an extra charging cable in case one of them won’t work. Internal damage is the most common reason why the Samsung Galaxy S22 charging cable won’t work properly.

Any Issue on the Charging Port

How about if the charging cable is working properly when trying it on other phones? If so, check the charging port of your Samsung Galaxy S22. You can try to charge it using different recharging cables. The port may be a problem when the result is the same.

Overheating is the most common charging port issue that makes it doesn’t want to recharge. Try to clean the port with a toothbrush to remove the debris that blocks the connector. The debris on the connector can also cause Samsung Galaxy S22 won’t charging.

The simple thing you can do if the tips above don’t work at all is by using a wireless charger. It is an urgent solution to recharge the device while looking for more information about how to repair Samsung Galaxy S22 won’t charging. The last thing to do is bring the phone to the expert technician or the official store and let them fix it.

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