Samsung Galaxy S22 Size will be Smaller than its Predecessor

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may be the only phone in the upcoming lineup that has the same size as the previous generation. This rumor is yet to be confirmed, but since it comes from a reputable source, then it is can be trusted to will be coming true.

Among those rumors, phone size and camera are what most people anticipated the most. Both fans and commentators are always looking forward to any breakthrough that Samsung will bring this year.

Samsung Galaxy S21 series was still a hit even though Samsung has been releasing other series to expand their market. This flagship series manages to stay popular, especially among fans.

As the release date is approaching, several rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 are getting more or less confirmed. One of the popular rumors, other than the new 108MP camera sensor, is the new phone’s size.

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Size Rumor

Ever since its first release, the Samsung Galaxy series has been following a specific pattern regarding the size. Each generation is steadily larger than the previous one. Especially during the 2015-2018 period.

During that period, Samsung Galaxy S Series has been steadily growing from 5.2 inches to 5.8 inches phones. Each new release is bigger than before. However, Samsung amped it up when they released the S20 and S21 with their 6.2 inches.

However, things might change differently with the upcoming Galaxy S22. The upcoming flagship phone is now reported to be smaller than its predecessor.

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galaxy s22 size

Based on a reputable source, the company chooses to make its flagship series smaller. The new Samsung Galaxy S22 series is reported to start at 6-inch size for the base size. The S22 plus will be at 6.5 inches, and the S22 Ultra will be 6.82 inches.

That being said, only the S22 Ultra has no difference from the current version. Another unknown detail is about the FE (Fans Edition). Although the rumor said that the S22 FE size will be between the base and the plus version.

The next question would be about the hardware. It’s a question of what adjustment Samsung will make to fit the improvement into the 6-inch frame. After all, they also claim that the new Samsung S22 will be thinner than the Galaxy S21.

Samsung S22 Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide

The source also mentioned another interesting rumor about the upcoming S22 physique. That is that only the Ultra version has LTPO. This technology allows the screen to switch seamlessly between a high refresh rate to a low one. Samsung claimed that this can save the battery up to 16%.

LTPO or the Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide is the edge that puts S21 Ultra as one of the best phones with great battery life. The technology allows the users to have kept their activity without worrying about their phone battery life.

galaxy s22 lpto

And don’t forget that the new S22 is also rumored to support 65w fast charging. Combining LTPO and fast charging will ensure that the Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra will be chosen by professionals and people who are constantly mobile.

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To be fair, LTPO alone would be something that makes people opt for the Ultra. Given they don’t mind how gigantic it is. The current speculation is that Samsung decided to give LTPO only to the S22 Ultra to upsell the series.

Anyway, that raises another question about the future of the Galaxy Note series. The Ultra series and the treatment Samsung been given to the top-end flagship phone put the Note series existence into question. It won’t be a surprise if they eventually merged into the S series as well.

It will be interesting to see how much they will charge for the S22 Ultra. And how much the price difference is with the basic S22. Although Samsung said that the handsets will have LTPO installed, it is still yet to see.

Samsung has a partnership with AMD that brings a lot of fans to hope for new graphics hardware. Especially one that can support the camera sensor to produce even more impressive images.

However, the possible release date for the new Samsung Galaxy S22 will be in the first quarter of 2022. While that is still quite a long way ahead. It doesn’t stop Samsung to keep us on edge and stay curious about the breakthrough they’re bringing.

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