Galaxy S22 Ultra will come with an Expanded S-Pen Functionality

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra offers more than just blending in Galaxy Note capabilities in its features. After the largest screen in the series, the high-end flagship phone is getting S-Pen compatibility. Many fans welcome this new feature. But some naysayers are wondering where the S-Pen will fit in the handset.

Samsung S22 Ultra have a new S-Pen feature with Bluetooth support

From so many upgrades included in the upcoming S22 Ultra, lots of people are wondering about the S-Pen placement. As you know, a new leak mentioned that Samsung will make the S22 Ultra compatible with S-Pen. The same report mentioned the possibility that the new S-Pen will have Bluetooth support.

galaxy s22 ultra s-pen

Another thing that people are asking is if it’s worth the price. Just like the current Galaxy S21 series, you will only get the handset inside the box. You have to buy fast chargers and cable separately. It is the same as when you buy the Samsung Gear and other accessories.

Based on several reports, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra also will have an LTPO screen. The Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide allows the screen to adjust the battery usage without having to install another hardware. The technology helps handsets to stay slim and lightweight while still being powerful.

So far, it seems that Samsung will only put LTPO technology on the upcoming S22 Ultra. It means that the basic version, plus, and Fan Edition may stay with the FHD screen as before. This addition also means that Samsung is gearing the S22 Ultra to be a gaming phone.

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Another new thing that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have is the adaptive heat fan technology. It is a response after many users complained about their S21 Ultra phones heats up after short use. Keep in mind that Samsung may have been working on the new chipset from Qualcomm. And they also have collaboration with AMD, which probably will show in the new Exynos GPU.

65w fast charge will make Samsung S22 more interesting

Most fans might not mind this at first. But they change their mind since a rumor mentioned that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a 65w fast charge. That raises a question will their 25w fast charge will still work for the new handset.

The effect on the battery is still unknown for the time being. But generally, it’s not wise to charge using the wrong current. The battery might heat up and won’t be charging as fast as it has to. At any rate, charging at different currents will damage the battery in the long run.

galaxy s22 65w fast charging

However, some reports mentioned that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a 5000mAH battery. A 65w fast charger will fill the battery capacity to 100% in less than an hour. But with the 25w charger like the one in the current model, it will take up to two hours.

Samsung is catching up with other manufacturers that already implement fast charge that is higher than 25w. It’s important to note that Samsung had a 45w fast charge for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. But somehow they choose to change it for the S21 series and have all handsets at 25w.

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Samsung S22 Ultra will be equipped with a 200MP camera?

Many reports also talk about the camera it packs. Samsung will put a 200MP camera for the S22 Ultra. Along with other cameras with adjusted features to capture the light better. While the phone also packs a massive 16G RAM and storage of up to 1TB. Many people still wonder if it’s enough storage when the pictures taken are all in high resolution.

galaxy s22 ultra 200mp

All of these combines and make Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra the perfect phone for everyone. Whether you work hard and gaming even harder, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra won’t disappoint you. It has all the right features for a high-end gaming phone.

If you are into health and activity, the Samsung Gear and Samsung Galaxy Buds addition are the answers. It’s still not known if Samsung will release new buds to accompany the upcoming S22 Ultra. You still have to wait for at least half a year for the answers.

Samsung hasn’t mentioned any specific time as the announcement or even release date. However, they may make it official in January 2022. Many reports are agreeing that the Korean tech giant will release the Samsung S22 series in the first quarter of 2022.

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