How to Connect Airpods to Samsung Galaxy Phones & Smart TV

So you have just bought Apple AirPods but you don’t know how to connect them to your Smart TV, no worry! Owning a Smart TV sometimes requires you to own AirPods, too. However, not everyone knows well how to connect them.

Note, Apple AirPods have no wires. This might make you wonder, once again. Just scroll our review and find out the best way on how to connect AirPods Samsung Phones & Smart TV.

How To Connect AirPods To Samsung Smart TV

Though using AirPods won’t be as easy as you expect, but it won’t be difficult if you want to use AirPods with an Apple TV. Just follow these steps

  • Head to Settings on your Smart TV.
  • Open Bluetooth menu on your device by heading to Settings, Sound, Output and finally you will find Bluetooth speaker list.

  • Open your AirPods box and leave them inside. Place the box close to your Smart TV and press white button on the box.


  • You will be viewed a list of Bluetooth devices on your Smart TV. Choose your AirPods from the list.

How To Connect AirPods Samsung smart tv

  • Select “Pair and Connect” and the syncing process will end.

Another Way To Connect AirPods to Samsung TV

There is another way of connecting AirPods to Samsung TV. Note, make sure you take the AirPods and setup them in pairing mode. The pairing mode comes with the pairing button on the back of the AirPods box. This will inform the headphones about your intention to pair AirPods with your device.

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Here is how to do it:

  • After pairing the AirPods with your Samsung TV, you will see an LED light blinking.
  • Go to your TV and head to Settings menu.
  • Go to your remote and find “Devices” option.
  • Enable the Bluetooth. If not, you will not be able to find the devices.
  • Check whether your TV’s volume comes through the AirPods.

Apple AirPods Vs Samsung TV

Dealing with how to connect AirPods Samsung Phones & Smart TV, you may also wonder whether Apple AirPods work with Samsung TV or not. In fact, most of Apple’s products work well only with Apple’s products. However, AirPods will work well with the many devices including Smart TV.

This implies that AirPods can be used to enjoy listening Smart TV anytime. Just make sure that you enable the Bluetooth first before pairing the devices.

In short, connecting AirPods to Smart TV needs Bluetooth. This is to pair the devices so that you can connect them one to another without any problem. Placing the device close to each other will also help make a better connection between AirPods and Smart TV.

Thus, keep in mind that both Samsung AirPods and Apple AirPods work well with either Samsung TV or other Smart TV.

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