Effective Ways, How to Enable & Disable Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

If you find that Bixby isn’t really as helpful as you want, you may want to learn about how to enable and disable Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

Although this feature is designed to be helpful, not many people find it attractive or appealing. For those who have never tried this feature before, they may want to know how to enable it.

But for those who find it annoying or even disturbing, they want to learn how to disable it. So, how do you manage this feature?

Understanding Bixby

Bixby is designed to compete against other voice command technologies, such as Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri. This virtual assistant can be found in many of the Galaxy devices, including the refrigerators and smart TV.

how to enable and disable Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

Bixby is designed to do a lot of things. So it’s not only handy to react to voice comments or answer questions. Bixby is even designed to access the camera as its ‘eyes’ to help you identify objects.

The idea of Bixby is to help you navigate your phone, delivering effective assistance all through the day. It even ‘learns’ your habits and adjusts itself to your personal requirements.

Enabling the Feature

The first thing people do after they know how to enable and disable Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S22 series is to activate it. So, if you do want to turn it on, you should do these:

  • Press the Side key (or the Power button) and hold it so you can open Bixby.
  • Go with ‘Next’
  • Choose ‘English’ to change the language and then go with the language you want
  • Sign into the Samsung account (only do this if you haven’t done it) and then go with ‘Next’
  • Choose ‘Place or Remove a Checkmark’ if you want to have the shortcut on the Home Screen. It’s also possible when you want to perform a double press (of the Side key) to open Bixby
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Enabling Bixby s22

  • When prompted, choose ‘Next’ and then follow the provided instructions to set the Voice Wake up feature. Choose ‘Done’ when you have completed the steps
  • Simply choose ‘Add’ when you want to have the shortcut to the Home Screen
  • Whenever you want to access Bixby, you only need to press (and then hold) the Side key

What should you do when you want to set Bixby Vision up? You only need to open Camera and then go with the option ‘More’. Go with ‘Bixby Vision’ which is located on the top side of the screen and then make adjustments to allow different settings.

Disabling the Feature

When you turn Bixby off, you basically want to remove it from the Side key.

  • The first thing you want to do is to open the ‘Settings’. In case you don’t know it, it’s the gear icon
  • Choose ‘Advanced Features’
  • Located the ‘Side Key’ and then go with it
  • If you see the option ‘Press and Hold’ being active, switch it to ‘Power off Menu’
  • You can test it out by pressing and holding the key. It shouldn’t launch Bixby, and instead you will see the common power menu which covers Restart and Power off. Those are the simple steps on how to enable and disable Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S22 series.


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