How To Factory Reset / Hard Reset Samsung S21 5G & Ultra: Things You Should Know

Not many people believe that they should learn how to factory reset/hard reset Samsung S21 5G & Ultra, but in reality, this kind of knowledge can be quite handy.

You may not like the idea that you will have to ‘force’ your device to return to its original condition, but in some cases, you will have to do this when your device is acting up.

However, knowing how to perform it correctly can be a difference between a success and a failure. As long as you can do it right, you should be good.

Performing a Hard Reset

how to factory reset/hard reset Samsung S21 5G & Ultra

When you have made up your mind about performing a hard reset on your Samsung phone, these are the steps you need to do:

  • Press both Volume Down and Power buttons together and then hold them for a while
  • Keep holding them off until you see Samsung logo appears
  • Release those buttons off
  • After that you will be on “recovery mode”
  • Choose wipe data/factory reset and ok.

Keep in mind that a hard reset is basically different from the factory reset. As you see from the steps above, you won’t lose any data or such thing alike. You won’t delete or remove any application either. But many people like to backup their data before going down this path, just in case.

Performing a Factory Reset

This should be your last resort if your Samsung device is problematic. Knowing how to factory reset/hard reset Samsung S21 5G & Ultra can make the device return to the factory defaults.

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However, it’s super important that you correctly back up the data. Make sure that all the crucial data and apps have been saved and backed up, so when things go south, you can easily recover the data.

The steps are:

  • Open ‘Settings’
  • Scroll down. Choose ‘Accounts’ and then ‘Backup’

samsung setting Accounts’ and then ‘Backup

  • There are two options available for data backup: Google Drive or Samsung Cloud. Choose the account for backing up the files. Wait until the entire process of the backup completed. You should see a progress bar on the top side of the screen. And how do you know that your backup completes? The progress bar would disappear.
  • When the backup process had finished, you can start the reset now.
  • Open ‘Settings’
  • Scroll down again and choose ‘General Management’

Factory Reset Samsung S21 5G

  • Choose ‘Reset’
  • Choose ‘Factory Data Reset’
  • Scroll down and choose ‘Reset’

Once you go this path, you will have to wait for several minutes. This process will take a while as it’s not fast. When the process completes, you will see the similar setup menu – as the first time you turn the phone on.

All you need to do next is follow the provided steps, restore the backup, or set the phone up as the brand new device.

Final Words

Keep in mind that the process for S21 and S21 Ultra is basically the same, which is quite logical considering that they are within the same series.

You may want to try doing the soft reset first before immediately going for the hard reset. Basically, when you know how to factory reset/hard reset Samsung S21 5G & Ultra (and you can master the method), you should be okay to go.

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