How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S22 Pixel Bugs: Knowing the Cause & Fix

It’s quite unfortunate that there is no exact way about how to fix Samsung Galaxy S22 pixel bugs. The issue has persisted for quite a while; even after its first launch.

Although Samsung stated that they have worked on it, and they did release the update for the fix, some users complain that they still experience the same issue.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Pixel Bugs

Samsung themselves claimed that this issue might be rare as it isn’t happening to all of the users. But then again, it is annoying and the issue has left many people becoming unsatisfied and unhappy.

What Happened?

When the Galaxy S22 Ultra was first launched, many of the buyers were happy. But then, it didn’t take long for many of them to complain about the display performance.

In Reddit alone, many of the complaints are about pixel column that would appear across the display screen. It seems that the problem only affected those having Exynos 2200 model since the version with Gen 1 Snapdragon 8 hasn’t been available for many of the customers.

Some users claimed that the pixilated line happened at the screen’s bottom, but others also experience the issue happening on the top panel as well as the middle section of the screen.

Aside from the fact that it isn’t a fixed glitch, it would appear during playing games or watching videos.

Solution by Samsung

Samsung has checked on it, and they have confirmed that it’s not related to S22 hardware issue. They address the fact that some of the Ultra devices experience the pixilated line when the users unlock their device with the fingerprints or when they play YouTube.

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It seems that the issue happens because users use WQHD for the resolution and also use Natural Model for the screen mode.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra apps crashing

According to Samsung, they have already developed a special patch to address the issue. They had provided it through the software update which should have improved the condition.

The company also recommended the usage of FHD+ resolution and Vivid screen mode to prevent the issue from happening again.

So, for those wanting to know how to fix Samsung Galaxy S22 pixel bugs, there is nothing that they can actually do. Either they follow the company’s recommendation or they simply wait for the update.

Is It Still Glitching?

The question is now: Does the screen still experience glitches and pixel bugs? Although the majority of users claim that they no longer experience the problem, several users still have it. They say that the screen glitches when they have used the wireless charge. For these users, the issue is even getting worse.

According to some sources, it’s possible that it happens because the GPU driver hasn’t been completed just yet. The only possible solution is to press the Volume Down button and power key together and hold them for around 10 seconds, resetting the phone.

Another possible option is to try wiping the phone’s cache partition. These solutions may not work for good, but they can address the issue quite effectively. Those are the only possible solutions on how to fix Samsung Galaxy S22 pixel bugs that may affect several users.

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