Complete! How To Increase Volume on Airpods Samsung Galaxy Step by Step Easily

When you successfully connect AirPods to non-Apple products, it doesn’t mean that everything will be just right. When they connect to Androids, the volume can even be very low. This is the time when our tips on how to increase volume on AirPods Samsung come into play.

 How To Increase Volume on Airpods Samsung

AirPods are known as Bluetooth headphones that function very greatly. A small issue such as low-volume is just a piece of cake. However, if you haven’t been familiar with how to deal with it, here we have solutions to pick.

Quick Solution 1

Increasing volume on AirPods Samsung is pretty easy. Follow these quick steps below:

  • Navigate to “Settings”.
  • Click Build Number, tap up to 7X, till u be a developer.

Build number

  • Then back to Navigate to “Settings” again and click Developer Option.

Build number

  • Optionally, you can simply navigate to Settings and disable the “Absolute Volume” option.

Quick Solution 2

For Android devices, the quick solution to increase AirPods volume is through the following steps:

  • Adjust the equalizer by going to Settings and tap on “Sound and Notification”
  • Select “Audio Effects” placed at the top of the screen.
  • Turn on “Audio Effects” to push the Equalizer drop-down option. Choose which you like. You can try the bass, audio and others. Check the volume.

Other Solutions

To customize more about AirPods Samsung volume, it will be great to download an equalizer app. It will provide customization options more than your Android Settings app. An equalizer app usually offers the opportunity to change the level of specific sonic frequencies in your AirPods.

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A volume booster app is also good to consider to increase AirPods volume.  This is a third app you can download on Playstore. There are only fewer options to customize the volume. However, this app is easier to use. These are the steps to follow:

  • Open the volume booster app.
  • Head to “Effects” tab.
  • Turn on the Loudness Enhancer option.
  • Move the slider to the right until you find the most desired volume.

Quick Tips on How to Fix the Low Volume on AirPods

Here we have quick tips on how to increase volume on AirPods Samsung when the volume you are listening is too low. Close all open audio-playing apps that are on “On” position. That is very simple but you may not realize that they can interrupt the volume of your system while you play them in the background.

How To Select The Loudest AirPods

Are you wondering which AirPods is the loudest? If you are looking for one from Apple, AirPod Pro is the newest version you can trust. AirPod Pro is popular for its best sound quality. It sounds even twice as loud as High Notes.

AirPod Pro makes it easier to enjoy listening to harmonic resonances so that we’ll receive louder and clearer sound. AirPod Pro is now available so you can grab it soon. However, we recommend that you check the guide and product review to ensure your choice. Don’t forget about this trick.

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