How to Set Up Voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra Easily

When it comes to send a voice message either to families or friends, voicemail is the feature to use easily. Yup, there is a time when you cannot receive someone calls on Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra, so you must tell them through voicemail and asked them to call you again.

How to Set Up Voicemail on Galaxy S23

Therefore, you’ll need to comprehensively learn how to setup voicemail on Galaxy S23 easily. So, read the two different methods of setting up voicemail below:

Method 1: Use Voicemail Settings

The first method to setup voicemail on your Galaxy S23 is accessing “Settings”. This method is considered a little bit hard but it is widely used among the users. First od all, make sure that voicemail settings are accessible on your device. Prepare your voicemail number. Typically, voicemail number depends on the country you are living.

When you are ready, start following the steps below:

  • Open the Phone app and look for the keypad tab to tap on. Later, tap on the 3 dots. Tap on “Settings” and look for Voicemail option. Tap on “Voicemail” and “Voicemail number”. When you see the green number in Voicemail Number label, copy it and make use of it for your voicemail service.

how to setup voicemail on Galaxy S23 easily

  • Get back to your device dial pad. Dial the green number you have copied.
  • Your voicemail is active.
  • Setup a greeting based on your own personalization.
  • When you are done with the steps above, setup a password for your voicemail. Start the setup by recording and set it up as your new voicemail greeting.
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Here are the steps to setup voicemail password:

  • Dial the voicemail number you have already copied.
  • Create a new password if this is your first time to setup voicemail.
  • Follow the instructions given and continue the steps by recording your own personal greeting.

Method 2: Call Voice Mail Service

The second method on how to setup voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra easily is calling the voicemail service. This method is considered the easiest way to setup a voicemail. The steps include the followings:

  1. Head to your device’s applications. Use the default keypad view on the screen.
  2. Press and hold the key “1”. This will enable you to call a voicemail.
  3. Once the call is connected, you must choose what language you’ll use in the voicemail.
  4. If you set up the voicemail for the first time, you are typically required to setup a voicemail password that is usually between 4 to 10 digits. But if you have already a voicemail box, you’ll need only to enter the voicemail password.
  5. Last, select your preferred greeting. You can also record your own voicemail for greeting as you like.

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How To Receive Voicemail Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra

If you receive a voicemail, all the calls must be diverted to the voicemail. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Tap on the phone icon.
  • Head to “Settings” menu by tapping the three dots.
  • Look for supplementary services. Once you find it, tap on it.
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how to setup voicemail on Galaxy S23 easily

  • Tap “Call”.
  • Choose “Forward” when you cannot answer.

how to setup voicemail on Galaxy S23 easily

  • Add your voicemail number and tap on “Enable”

Now you have already known the methods on how to setup voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra easily. The first method is using the voicemail settings and the second method is by calling the voicemail service. Choose which method that is easier for you.

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