How to Soft Reset & Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra Easily to Solve Issues

Do you know how to soft reset and hard reset Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra,  Galaxy S23 easily? Never underestimate this knowledge because it helps you deal with your device, including when it encounters problems. Not many people even understand that performing a soft reset is completely okay and it can fix some of the persistent issues.

As long as you know how to do it properly and correctly, you should never have to worry about anything. It doesn’t hurt to learn, so give it a go. Who knows? You may need this info some time in the future.

 Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra Soft Reset

So, knowing how to soft reset and hard reset Galaxy S23 easily can really help out during issues. Soft reset is like pulling out the battery out of the smartphone for a while and then returning it into the phone again. Afterwards, you can activate it.

how to soft reset and hard reset Galaxy S23 easily

This is a common practice for phone owners, especially the ones who had dealt with older smartphone types. Unfortunately, you can’t remove Galaxy S23’s battery. That’s why knowing how to reset it can come in handy.

The steps are:

  • Press the Power button and Volume down button together and hold them for a while.
  • As you see on your phone, this action will cause your S23 to go off and then go on again
  • When you can see Samsung logo appears on the display screen, you can release both of the buttons and let the phone boot up on its own.
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Once the phone has restarted, the memory would be refreshed. This soft reset action can be quite useful when you have some (minor) system problems. When you do and you perform the soft reset, the problems should be resolved by now.

 Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra Hard Reset

Also known as the ‘factory reset’, the hard reset will wipe off any unsaved data and app. As the name suggests, a factory reset will cause your device to be returned to its original condition – just like the first one when you bought it. The action will make your device as good as new. The hard reset can also eliminate any cache or ‘trash’ data, causing your processor to run faster.

Keep in mind that hard reset will eliminate data, including photos or images, as well as apps. If you wish to keep them all or you want to restore them again, you need to back them up by using cloud storage or any external storage device. So, how do you perform the hard reset?

  • Press both Power and Volume down buttons together for a while. And when you see the options, press the icon for ‘Power off’

how to soft reset and hard reset Galaxy S23 easily

  • Connect the device to a PC (by using the USB cable). Again, hold both Power and Volume up buttons together for a while.
  • You should now see the Recovery Mode on your screen

how to soft reset and hard reset Galaxy S23 easily

  • The Volume buttons can be used to navigate your way around, while Power button is for confirmation
  • While you are within the Recovery Mode, use the volume buttons to go up and down, and then choose the option ‘Factory Reset/Wipe Data’. Press Power button for confirmation.
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As you can see, the knowledge of how to soft reset and hard reset Galaxy S23 easily can be quite handy and helpful so you can ‘control’ your phone as you like.

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