Ways on How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra

Not everyone knows how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra, so this article is written to help them. We are going to talk about some possible ways to capture image on your Samsung device, so it would give you insight and knowledge about how to manage everything.

And you may not realize it that there are more than one way to perform a screenshot on your device.

Power Key and Volume Down

This is one of the most common ways on how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus. In most cases, you would have no issue capturing the screen image with this method.

s22 screenshot

You only need to press the Side Key (or the Power button) and also Volume down button together. There is NO need to hold them together.

After the quick pressing of the buttons simultaneously, you should be able to see a flash which means that your screenshot has been taken. Afterwards, you will see this (little) floating toolbar that helps you to edit the screenshot.

The Palm Gesture

This method doesn’t require you to press any button. Instead of button, you only need to slide your hand horizontally (use the side of the hand) across the display screen. However, you must enable this feature first. Otherwise, it won’t work at all.

  • Go to ‘Settings’ or swipe down and tap the icon gear
  • Scroll down until you see the option ‘Advanced Features’
  • Choose ‘Motions and Gestures’
  • When you see the option ‘Palm Swipe to Capture’, make sure that this switch is on
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You can now test it. Place your palm (the pinky side of your hand) facing the display screen. Now try to slide it (from right to left).

If you do it right, you should now see a flash, meaning that you have taken the screenshot. The result would be automatically kept in the Gallery.

Access Bixby

Think of you asking for a help from Siri or Alexa, because that’s what Bixby is. It means that you won’t have to touch your phone at all. You only need to provide the voice command for this virtual assistant.

But before you can ask for a help from Bixby, you need to access your Samsung account first. You also need to make sure that you have activated this feature and make sure that you have set the right command.

  • Open Bixby
  • Look at the top left area where you can see a three piled lines icon. Tap on it
  • Access ‘Bixby Settings’ by choosing the icon gear
  • There would be an option ‘Voice Wake up’. This switch should be on
  • Bixby will provide instructions to ‘train’ your voice
  • Now, you only need to say, ‘Hi Bixby. Take a screenshot’ when you want to do this
  • You should see a flash and see the floating toolbar (in which you can use to edit the result).

Final Words

As you can see, there are many ways to capture the screen image. You can also perform a scrolling (or long) screenshot. Or you can also use the Smart Select to do so.

Now that you know how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, simply pick one that suits your needs.

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