iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max Hard Reset / Factory Reset with 3 Methods

Sometimes, using iPhone can be very problematic. The device can probably work slowly due to the full memory. Perhaps, this will make you impatient to find the solutions. Once this case occurs to your iPhone, you must think of doing factory reset.

On this post, you will learn about iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Hard Reset. However, before performing this action, make sure you back up all the data you saved. That’s because doing such hard reset will delete all the information stored.

Method 1: Steps to Forcefully Reset iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Through Settings

There are eight steps to forcefully reset iPhone 13 Pro in this method. Follow them well to ensure your iPhone work well again.

  1. Make sure your iPhone is on “On” position.
  2. Go to Home Screen on your device and open Settings which is displayed in gear wheel symbol.
  3. Select “General” option symbolized by a cogwheel.
  4. Scroll in General option until you find “Reset” option. Tap on it.

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Hard Reset

5. There will be some options appear in the Reset. Select “Erase All Content and Settings.”

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Hard Reset

6. Click “Continue” to reset.

If you have an iCloud backup on your iPhone 13 Pro Max, there will be a notice asking you to review the iCloud Settings.

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You can backup the data and applications before deleting all the content. The data you have uploaded on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter will not be deleted because you have had in iCloud.

7. The iPhone will ask you to enter password of your iPhone 13 Pro Max. If you have turned on “Find” option, you will also be required to enter iCloud username and password.

8. Your iPhone will restart. It will take a few minutes to restore the device to its factory state.

Method 2: Steps to Forcefully Reset iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Via USB Cable and iTunes Soft

In the second method, there are some simple steps to perform iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Hard Reset. Follow the steps easily below:

  1. Connect your Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max with the computer. Use USB cable to connect it.
  2. Prepare iTunes Soft.
  3. Open iTunes Soft.
  4. Enter the device menu on your iPhone.

itunes and Restore iPhone

6. Choose “Restore iPhone”

7. A notice will appear whether you want to back up your data before deleting all of them. choose your action.

8. Tap on “Restore” to perform the reset process.

9. Voila! Now you have successfully reset your iPhone.

Method 3: Steps to Reset iPhone 13 All Models

We have also super easy steps to reset iPhone 13 all models. Check whether you can perform this method:

  1. Press and release “Volume Up” button fast.
  2. Press and release “Volume Down” button fast.
  3. Press and hold “Side” button. Make sure you don’t release it unless you are viewed Apple logo. Once the logo appears, release the button.
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Now that you have known our methods on iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Hard Reset, you can choose one of the methods that you can do well.

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