5 Best Samsung Galaxy & Tab Data Transfer Apps To PC

If you find a trouble in transferring data from your old Samsung to your PC, then you must learn Samsung data transfer app to PC download. In this case, there are some app options you can consider using in transferring. However, you may not know which app will work well.

In this post, we share you the list of Samsung data transfer apps. There are 5 apps that you can figure out to choose. You can pick the most suitable one from our list. If one app doesn’t work well with your device then you can try the other one.

Smart Switch

Smart Switch

Smart Switch is one of Samsung data transfer apps that allows you to transfer data including messages, photos, contacts and other files. With this app, you can even create a backup for your files with both PC and Mac. After that, you can synchronize the data onto your new device.

Keep in mind that your phone must run Android 4.3 or iOS 4.2.1 version to use Smart Switch.

Here are the steps on how to download Smart Switch:

  • Make sure your smartphone is compatible with Smart Switch app.
  • Visit Smart Switch page and go to “Overview” option.
  • Choose “Requirements” just below the options.
  • Choose the method to download. You may download Smart Switch from Mac App Store.

Mobile Trans


Mobile Trans is a data transfer app that you can easily install on your computer. Later, you can connect your smartphone and PC and transfer the data without worrying about losing the data. This app is good to fix the trouble of transferring data from Samsung to PC. Beside that, this app can also be used to transfer data from iOS to Android vice versa.

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Mobile Trans app has smooth interface so you can transfer your data from one device to another one easily.

Apowersoft Phone Manager

Samsung data transfer app to PC download

Other Samsung data transfer app to PC download to help you manage files transfer is Apowersoft Phone Manager. It is a great tool to manage your data transfer like images, videos, notes, contacts, music, and more.

Using this app is very easy. You need only to tap on a “Trust” button in order that the app will detect your phone.


If the apps in our list above do not work well, you may try Coolmuster to help you transfer Samsung data to PC. This app has some useful features to help the users fix the problem in transferring data to PC. You may download this app from App Store.


Samsung data transfer app to PC download

Download AirMore for free and you will be able to transfer data from your Samsung to a PC even without using any USB cable. All you need to do is just adding the address from your browser and find the QR code. Afterwards, use all of the features to help you transfer and manage your files from Samsung device to PC.

These downloadable Samsung data transfer apps are cool to allow you manage your files without worrying of data loss. Just make sure that you download the app first and follow the next rules.

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