Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Keeps Lagging & How to Deal with Problem

The issue of Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra keeps lagging somewhat has plagued several users after several months they have used the device.

They mostly complain that the phone is lagging and somewhat sluggish. It seems that their Snapdragon processor is somewhat sluggish and slow.

This issue (the stutter and lag) usually happen because of software-related causes. However, there are also other causes that can possibly affect the phone.

Things like malware, software bugs, data corruption, setting conflicts, faulty updates, and errant apps are common to cause the lag. Can you do something about it?

How to Fix the Issue Samsung s22 Ultra Keeps Lagging

It’s a good thing that there are some possible solutions. You won’t have to try all of them. Just pick one and go over to the next one if the one you haven’t chosen doesn’t work.

galaxy s22 software update

  • Update the System
  • Updates are done and released to improve the performance and ability of the system. If your system isn’t updated, it’s possible that your phone would freeze or lag. Make sure that your phone has been in its latest updated state. And you can check it by:
  • Opening ‘Settings’
  • Choose ‘Software Update’ section
  • Go with ‘Check for Updates’
  • Pick the option ‘Download and Install’
  • Reboot the phone
  • This should tackle your issue quite effectively. But if it doesn’t work, you can always try the next one.
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Turn off All Background Applications

The background running apps need a lot of resources. They also take a lot of storage. If you want your device to run smoothly, you will have to close all of those apps.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra keeps lagging

One way to deal with Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra keeps lagging is to make sure that these apps are turned off. Many users claim that they no longer experience such an issue once they do this method.

  • Choose the button for ‘Recent Apps’ which is located on the bottom right area
  • You will see current active app lists. Choose the button ‘Close’
  • By doing so, all of the processes would be stopped. Only the essential ones would still be running and operating. When you check your phone, you should not experience the freeze or lag issues anymore.

Free up Storage

Storage affects the performance of the phone. That’s why freeing up some storage space can improve its performance. You need a minimum 8GB to 10GB of space to avoid freezing and lagging.

In the event your phone doesn’t have this much space, you can delete some of the unnecessary files or unimportant apps to avoid the troubleshooting.

Delete Cache Partition

You can try wiping the cache partition to deal with lag and freeze. This method is also believed to boost the performance of the device.

  • You need to turn the phone off
  • Press the Power button along with the Volume up key together and hold them down. By doing this, you will make your device go to the Recovery Mode
  • Choose the option ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ by using the volume buttons.
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Wipe Cache Partition samsung

  • To pick, press the Power button
  • You should now see the option ‘Reboot System Now’ after the system has wiped the data

Reboot now

  • Tap on the option and then press Power button so you can reboot the phone

There are still many ways to deal with this issue. You can try a forced restart, reset all the settings, and perform a factory reset.

If the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra keeps lagging still persists, you may have to take it to the professional service.

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