Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will Have an Improved 108MP Camera Sensor

One of the recent rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Series has just been squashed. The latest update on the upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is backtracking on the 200 Megapixel camera rumor. It is said that the new phone will be focusing more on the AI photo editor like the one in Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

With the release date up is in the horizon, there has been an ongoing curiosity brewing about the new Samsung Galaxy S21. Many rumors are circulating regarding its specification. The camera power, dimension, battery power, and longevity, are to name a few that are always in constant speculation.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra have 200MP for the main camera?

However, the latest rumor confirmed that the new flagship phone from the Korean giant won’t be having a supersize megapixel camera. Samsung chooses to work on improving the AI on their 108MP focus camera, first introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

For many of the flagship phone fans, this can be a deal-breaker. As you all know, the large megapixel means promising razor-sharp images. But that’s only still theoretically speaking. There are other flagship phones with only 48MP sensor that gives out some great photo as well.

samsung galaxy s22 ultra camera 200 mp

If photography is your thing, then you should know that the number of Megapixel sensors isn’t everything. Yes, it ensures that it will give you the best photo possible. But it also means slower processing time.

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This can spell as trouble for a phone since you want to see the result immediately. And don’t forget that it also requires good software to produce the best image the camera could create.

Why Megapixels isn’t everything

Having a large megapixel camera sensor will give you a sharp and more defined image. But the system behind it must be equally good as well. Several manufacturers choose to have a smaller Megapixel on their flagship phones but enhance their digital imaging capability.

Names like Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max and One Plus 9 Pro are always on the same best camera phone list as Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy with a 108MP camera, those phones look puny since the iPhone 12 Pro Max only has a 12MP camera while the OnePlus 9 Pro is equipped with a 48MP camera.

The difference lies in technology. OnePlus works together with Hasselblad to produce the technology that can produce a high-quality image. The latter company is well-known as one of the leading companies in the photography world. While Apple chooses the easier way and chooses to improve their technology to process the image. That is why the pictures taken on iPhone have good color balance and are detailed without being dependent on the megapixel.

Even Samsung is being inconsistent with their camera sensor treatment. The pictures taken with Samsung Galaxy S21 are very impressive albeit only having a 64MP camera attached.

The rumor about Samsung equipping the new Samsung S22 with a 200MP camera might have come to an end. But that’s only one of many rumors about the new flagship phone camera.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 could get Olympus-made cameras

One of the rumors is saying that Samsung is working on a collaboration with the Japanese camera giant, Olympus, to create new software for the camera to be able to process images faster and better. It is still unclear if the collaboration is limited on the software or it will expand to hardware as well.

samsung galaxy s22 olympus

However, if this rumor is proven to be true, then Samsung is following the steps of other manufacturers such as Nokia and OnePlus on collaborating with a specialist company for their cameras. As you know, Nokia started it by collaborating with Carl Zeiss for their N series almost a decade ago.

Another rumor about Galaxy S22 camera is that it will have a continuous zoom feature. It means you don’t have to manually adjust the images to zoom in. Because the telephoto lens will be able to zoom in smoothly from 3x to 10x and vice versa while you are taking pictures.

At any rate, it is time for Samsung to give more attention and enhance their software instead of insisting on enlarging the megapixels. After all, a good camera phone doesn’t rely on the megapixel size alone, but also on the supporting software. It sure is interesting to see the direction the company will take regarding Galaxy S22 camera.

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