Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Apps Crashing & How to Deal with It

Although the Galaxy S22 Ultra is known as this flagship device with all of the promising features and abilities, many users have been complaining about Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra apps crashing, especially during gaming time.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Apps Crashing

Unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t provided any confirmation or reason for the crashing although they do promise to look into the matter. In the event that you experience the same issue, there are several basic fixes that you can apply to prevent the crash from happening. Again and again.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Apps Crashing

The following are some steps you need to try to avoid the crashes :

Remove the Culprit

In the general cases, it’s an app (or even several apps) that are responsible for the crash. Naturally, you will have to remove those apps so your device can function properly and well again.

Remove the Culprit

The problem is: Do you know which app that causes the whole thing? To know which one is problematic requires a careful observation and monitoring.

It means that you may need to test the apps one by one until you find the true culprit. This method may take a while, but if you can find that problematic app, you won’t have to worry about anything else.

Restart the Phone

Another possible solution for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra apps crashing is to restart your phone. It’s possible that the cache data is too much on the phone, causing it to stop operating properly. Just restart the phone.

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Turn it off for a while and then reboot. Afterwards, try to charge it in the full capacity. Don’t forget to only use Samsung accessories and supporting gears.

Check the OS Update

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra apps crashing

There is another explanation why your phone keeps crashing: It may require software update. It’s imperative that you install the newest OS updates so your phone will stay on its best performance and form. With the latest updates, you can enjoy new features, new security improvement, and others.

If you want to check for the latest updates, go to ‘Settings’ then pick ‘System Updates’ or Software Update. This is where you get your latest updates for the phone.

Close Running Apps

It’s not only your phone that needs the latest update, but your apps as well. Go to Playstore to check the possibility of new updates. Just pick the button ‘Update All’ and you won’t have to do it one by one.

However, if the crash still happens, you may need to force stop the problematic app. Go to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Apps’. If you know which app is responsible for the issue, simply choose it and then tap the Force Stop button.

Check the Storage

If you have updated your phone and yet it still crashes, why not checking the storage? It’s probably full and you need to clean it up, especially if the capacity is less than 10%.

Go to ‘Settings’ and tap the ‘Battery and Device’ section. From there, you would be able to see the available storage space. If the storage is too cramped, then clean it up so your phone can run normally.

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These are some options that you can do if you experience apps crashing. If the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra apps crashing persist after everything you have done, consider taking it to a professional service that can help you.

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