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Are you wondering what Samsung Smart View APK and how it is used? Samsung Smart View is a perfect app that everyone can install on Samsung device. This app is mainly functioned to control any TV from Korean brand. This app allows you to watch the TV without being interrupted.

In this post, you will learn more about Samsung Smart View APK Download Easily so don’t go anywhere before you finish this valuable information!

About Samsung Smart View

Samsung Smart View TV

Samsung Smart View has a simple interface so you will never miss everything you want to watch on the TV. Simply connect the TV and smartphone to the same network and it’s done.

With Samsung Smart View, you can even use other applications on your smartphone without interrupting what you are watching on the TV. Moreover, you can also watch everything on the TV just by tapping the thumbnail.

Samsung Smart View lets you control the TV right from your smartphone such as turning on and off the TV. As we said, you can control the TV simpler and easier.


Smart TV app which is available on your Samsung device has solid features to setup the TV. If you are just new to this, use content sharing to share photos, videos or even music on your phone. You can view and play them on your TV. Yes, this is the way you are enjoying a big screen while you can control everything right from your smartphone. Sit at the back and get relaxed.

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Some niche usability touches are also available in Samsung Smart View. You can make a playlist of content and touch it easily when displaying it. The content will appear big on the TV along with the stable controlling. This app is also allowing you to navigate the menu easily.

The connectivity feature is available. You can connect the TV to your smartphone through the same Wi-Fi network. However, it is little finicky to pat the TV and smartphone due to the limitation.

The remote-control element is convenient. The buttons are all available to control anything. One of the great buttons is Smart Hub. This button is functioned to volume and playback. This remote can even allow you to enter text and search what you want.

How To Download Samsung Smart View Easily

Samsung Smart View APK Download

It is very easy to download Samsung Smart View. There are only four simple steps to perform as follows:

  • Head to Play Store on your Samsung device.
  • Find the search box at the top of the screen and search for “Samsung Smart View”. Tap on it.
  • Install the app.
  • Open the app to use it soon.

Pros and Cons

Of course, everything has pros and cons as the reasons why people like and dislike something. In this Samsung Smart View APK Download Easily review, people love using the app because of its handy remote control on the phone. They can view video, photos and music content on the TV and easily setup everything.

However, it can be very tricky to setup. This makes people think twice to use the app.

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