Why Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Unresponsive Touchscreen & Solutions

Have you experienced an issue where your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra unresponsive touchscreen? It’s getting on your nerves, isn’t it? When your supposed-to-be touchscreen device is no longer responsive, it can be super annoying. It turns out that there are several reasons for the issue.

Aside from the physical damage that may likely happening to the display, there is also a possibility of glitches or bugs. A software update (just recently) causes the issue, leading t the touchscreen not functioning properly.

How to Deal with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Unresponsive Touchscreen

Galaxy S22 Ultra Unresponsive Touchscreen

The first thing that you can do is to reboot your device on force. Because of the random glitch, the touchscreen is suffering from freeze or lag. That’s why restarting the phone can solve this issue. Just press the volume button and hold it down together with the power button. Let it be for a while and you should see your phone restart again. This should solve the touchscreen problem.

Factory Reset

Galaxy S22 Ultra Factory Data Reset

Although this is the second possible method to deal with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra unresponsive touchscreen issue, you should make a backup. This process will delete all data because it is meant to make the device ‘go back’ to its original state. Once you already make a backup, you can continue.

  • Choose ‘Settings’
  • Go with ‘General Management’
  • Choose ‘Reset’ and then ‘Factory Data Reset’
  • Scroll down. You should see the option to Reset. Tap on it
  • Then finally, choose ‘Delete All’
  • You should no longer experience the issue anymore.
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Eliminate System Cache Partition

This action would remove any possible system errors within the device. Some of them may be responsible for the phone’s touch issue.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra unresponsive touchscreen

  • You need to turn off your phone first
  • Press the Power key and also Volume up together and hold for a second until you see the boot logo. Afterwards, release your hold and wait. You are now within the Recovery Mode
  • Use the Volume down and up buttons to move down and up. You can use Power key to choose.
  • Find Wipe Cache Partition. Don’t forget to use the Power key to choose it and then confirm ‘Yes’
  • Once you tap the Power key, you will have to wait. It only takes a few second until you are returning to the Normal Mode.
  • By now, you should be able to see the touchscreen feature again

Use Display-Checked App

It’s possible that a dead pixel or OLED screen burn is the culprit of the issue. If you want to know the core issue of the problem, use a certain app that would check the condition of the screen.

One of the examples is the Display Tester although you should be able to find other apps in the Google Playstore. Just access the tab ‘Tests’ and you can learn the issue with your phone.  If you have done several tests and the results say there is no issue with the screen, then it’s likely software problem.

Go to the Professional Service

If you feel that you have done everything and yet the problem persists, you should ask for a help from the professional service. They should know what to do with your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra unresponsive touchscreen.

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