What Is Burn in & How to Solve on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra Series

You should know how to solve burn in on Samsung Galaxy S22 series if you have one of those phones. The Galaxy S22 is made from AMOLED, which can improve the quality of viewing.

how to solve burn in on Samsung Galaxy S22 series

Unfortunately, such a screen is also prone to burn in (or some people would call it burning). The damage is permanent.

It’s a good thing that you can do several simple things to prevent such a thing from happening to you.

What Is AMOLED Burn in?

If you see uneven or blotchy color on the screen, then your phone is ‘suffering’ from a burn in. Every pixel within the AMOLED consists of blue (sometimes white), green, and red sub pixels.

Whenever they produce light, they would decay. The burn in happens because the each of these sub pixels have lost brightness within different rates, depending on the color.

The most used sub pixels that emit light (like for status or navigation icon, would wear out first, which leads to the uneven light production.

Basically, the more often you use the phone, the more visible the burn in would be. The longer you display the (same) image, the more that outline would stay on the display.

In general, blue would decay the fastest. Red is considered the most durable, and then green. So, blue is the weakest. If you want to prevent such a thing, all of these methods are aimed to deal with the (failing) blue sub pixel.

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How to Prevent (or Fix) the Issue

It’s a good thing that there are several simple, but effective, ways on how to solve burn in on Samsung Galaxy S22 series. The first one is to lower the brightness of your screen as well as the screen timeout.

If your phone has the maximum brightness level, it would make the burn in process go faster. You should go to ‘Settings’ and then choose ‘Display’.

You can either set it to automatic brightness or reduce the brightness level. Don’t forget to lower the screen timeout too.

  • Activate the Dark Mode

Activate the Dark Mode Samsung Galaxy S22 series


As the name suggest, this mode make the apps and menus appear dark. You will see navigation bar, notification shade, Settings menu, and also user interface for Chrome black.

To activate it, access ‘Settings’, choose ‘Display’, and then go with ‘Dark Mode’. Turn it on and off you go.

  • Install Dark Theme Firefox Mobile

Firefox Mobile is customizable. They may have removed a lot of their mobile add ons, but they have dark theme and you can switch their webpages black. You can install a Dark Reader as the add on.

Dark Reader add on Firefox android

It doesn’t only change the user interface color, but also the webpage into a black background – with red text. It helps reduce the burn in and also eye strain.

  • Use AMOLED Friendly Keyboard

Android devices basically have their virtual keyboard with dark theme. Not only it can reduce the possibility of burn in, but it can actually help improve the battery life.

One of them is SwiftKey, which is free and yet very catchy. Such a tool enables you to change your keyboard’s color, especially the Pumpkin theme.

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If you have activated the Android’s dark theme, this one would turn the keyboard black automatically.

With all of these ways on how to solve burn in on Samsung Galaxy S22 series, you should be able to tackle the problem quite effectively.

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