What Samsung Smart Switch Apk Offers for Samsung Users

What is Samsung Smart Switch Apk? If you are just new using Samsung smartphone, let us tell you how useful it is for the device to help you perform certain actions. One thing to keep in mind that this Smart Switch is available on Android 4.3 or iOS 4.2.1 or later.

To what extent is the Smart Switch APk useful? It is an app functioning to transfer data including photos, messages, contacts, files and other important data.

Samsung Smart Switch Apk

This app serves big in transferring all the data even the ones on your device settings. Thus, no matter you have a new device to bring with, you can simply use this app to transfer your data from your old phone to your new one.

What does Samsung Smart Switch Apk offer?


Smart Switch provides high level of security in transferring the content to your device. Not only for your favorite images or settings but also call history can be transferred securely.

Easy Transfer

This app makes switch easier, faster and simpler. It is even very possible to switch from iPhone to Samsung galaxy and Samsung Galaxy to Samsung Galaxy. It is even smart enough to deal with the old device. Yes, Samsung Smart Switch works with many different devices, enabling a seamless upgrade for everyone out there.


You won’t even believe that Smart Switch app make a great connection between two devices using both USB-OTG adapter or wirelessly. All you need to do is just use a backup file from your external storage.

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Safety Features

Smart Switch app offers the highest priorities especially for safety. The way of transferring the data can be a directly carried out through a secure connection. In this case,  you can use iCloud backup from Apple Device so that all of your personal data is encrypted when they are transferred to the backup server. Thus, none can access your data.

Where To Download

Now you might be wondering where to download the app if you don’t have it on your Samsung device. If you use Android device, download this app simply from Google Play Store or to get a rare apk, third web can be considered. When you use Mac, the app can be found in App Store. But, if you use a PC, you can simply download it from Samsung Smart Switch hub.

Keep in mind that the app must be pre-installed if you use newer devices. Meanwhile, if you use older devices, you have to download it first.

Types Of Content to Transfer

The contents that you can transfer with Samsung Smart Switch will depend on the device you are using. In the process, you will be viewed some options to choose which types of content you are going to transfer.

In fact, there are some data that you cannot transfer using this app. Those include your encrypted data like WhatsApp chats, the app that required a password and any other content that you haven’t downloaded yet from Play Store.

Mobile banking apps cannot be either transferred with Smart Switch app. You cannot also wish to transfer any content with DRM using Samsung Smart Switch Apk.

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