How to Enable Power Saving Mode on Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra and Reasons to Do So

If you want to extend your smartphone battery life, you need to learn about how to enable Power Saving Mode on Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra. It’s a good thing that modern smartphones have this feature, because users like you can always make their device go on for prolonged time before the next charging action. Not everyone knows this, so if you are one of them, read on.

Power Saving Feature and Its Functions Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra

The Power Saving mode is basically a feature designed to help users extend their phone’s battery life by limiting or restricting the energy consumption.

Power Saving Mode on Galaxy S23

When this feature is activated, the mode would reduce various system components’ usage, like the display, background apps, CPU, and others. When you are traveling or when you encounter difficulties in charging your phone right away, this feature can help a lot.

How to Activate the Power Saving Setting On Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra

Managing the setting is pretty straightforward and simple. You only need to follow these steps and off you go!

  • Open ‘Settings’ and then scroll down to see the option ‘Battery and Device Care’. Click on it
  • Once you click it, you should see the option ‘Battery’. Tap it.

how to enable Power Saving Mode on Galaxy S23

  • There would be ‘Power Saving’ option and the toggle button right next to it. You need to slide that button so you can activate the mode.
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how to enable Power Saving Mode on Galaxy S23

  • That’s it! You have done managing the setting.

Keep in mind that when you want to activate this mode, there are several options available. You are free to customize it as you like. All of these option features have the toggle button next to them. Just slide those buttons when you want to activate them. The offered options are:

  • Turn 5G off
  • Turn off Always on Display
  • Limit Home Screen and Apps
  • Decrease the Brightness by 10%
  • Limit the CPU Speed to 70%

When to Activate It

Now that you know how to enable Power Saving Mode on Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra, when would you need to activate it?

  • When you use the phone quite extensively. Battery drains fast when you use your phone for extensive activities, such as camera, video streaming, or gaming. If you want to reduce the phone’s power usage, including system components and screen, activate this mode.
  • When you are in within an area with low signal. Your phone will struggle hard to maintain solid and reliable connection, and it drains the battery fast. When you activate power saving mode, you can reduce the power consumption by limiting the location service and network’s usage.
  • When you are traveling. It’s not always easy to access the power source for charging. When you activate this mode, it helps a lot to stretch the battery life.

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What Happens when the Mode Is Activated?

There are some things that happen when the mode has been activated, such as:

  • The CPU performance would be reduced. Some of the functions would be limited to only some cores and also lower clock speed
  • The screen brightness would be reduced. The phone would automatically lower the screen’s brightness to save up power.
  • Background activity would be limited.
  • Location services and network would be limited. Most likely that location services would be turned off.
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In the end, knowing how to enable Power Saving Mode on Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra can help you a lot in emergency situation and dire conditions.

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