How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset Samsung S10 Plus without Password: Knowing the Smart Solution

It doesn’t hurt for all Samsung devices owners to know how to factory reset Samsung S10 Plus without password. The problem with password is: It’s so easy to forget and simply neglect.

how to factory reset Samsung S10 Plus without password

This usually happens to most phone owners where they generally operate the device without any password.

Although password is a security feature that is designed to protect the device, many phone users find it a trouble. So, if you want to perform a factory reset without using any password, there are things to prepare.

Preparation to Do So

Here are some things to do when you learn about how to factory reset Samsung S10 Plus without password. You need to prepare these things so your attempt would be successful.

Not to mention that you should pay attention to the proper timing.

  • You need to remove any Google account from your phone. It would avoid FRP (Factory Reset Protection) from being involved in the process. When it’s being involved, the phone would ask for your password or email id.
  • Make sure that there is no Google account anymore, so the process won’t be stuck in the middle of the way.
  • Make sure that you backup your data and keep everything in the cloud system.

How to Do It

Press both Power and Volume Down button together, and hold them off for a while. It would restart your device, but it won’t be asking for any password or whatsoever.

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how to factory reset Samsung S10 Plus without password

  • Now, you want to hold the buttons of Volume Up, Power, and also Bixby. The display screen should remain black. If the device has been on or active, then your timing is off. If this happens, you may want to try the first step again.
  • However, if you do it right with the perfect timing, you should see Samsung icon with three buttons.
  • Use the Volume Up and Down buttons for navigation, while the Power button is for selecting. Visit Factory Reset or Wipe Data option. You would be asked for confirmation. Once you press ‘Yes’, all of your data would be removed and deleted.
  • If you finally choose ‘Yes’, the phone would return to its original state. Let it be for a while until it activates again. You won’t be asked any password or anything at this point.

Factory Reset vs Bypassing

Some people are asking about how to unlock the S10 without using any password – meaning that you bypass it. This is a completely different problem from what we are discussing about.

We are focusing on doing a factory reset without you having to use the password, and what people want to know is about bypassing the password (meaning that they can use the phone without having to use any password).

As you see, they are two different problems, which mean that there are also different ways and steps to address them.

Final Words

All in all, don’t forget to make backup and saved data when performing the factory reset. No matter what, it would wipe off your entire data, returning the condition to the original state.

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When you learn about how to factory reset Samsung S10 Plus without password, you’d know that making a backup is also advised.

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