Complete Guide to Take a Screenshot on Galaxy S22 Series

A screenshot is useful to capture a certain image on your mobile phone. Then, you can save it on the device and share it with friends. As a new Samsung Galaxy S22 user, you may get confused about how to screenshot on Galaxy S22. Follow the steps below to screenshot the content you need on your Samsung Galaxy S22. You will know that doing it is not as complicated as you can imagine.

screenshot on galaxy s22

Steps to capture a screenshot on Galaxy S22

Find the content you want to screenshot. Ensure that the content you want screenshot is on the screen. You can capture any content, including webpage, image, homepage, or anything. The most important thing is that you open the content to ensure that you don’t capture the wrong one.

  • Hold the Volume Down and the Side Buttons

Use your finger to hold the volume down and the side kkey buttons once the content is ready to capture.

  • Hold both of the buttons together for a few seconds. On Samsung Galaxy S22, these buttons are on the right side of the device.
  • Ensure that you hold the buttons at the same time otherwise it doesn’t capture the image on the screen even after a few seconds. Instead of capturing, the buttons will work normally just like their buttons.
  • You will hear a sound or see a flash that confirms that a screenshot has been made. Release the keys.
  • If a picture symbol is shown in the status bar, the screenshot has been captured successfully. To see the screenshot, drag down the status bar at the top of the screen.
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taking screenshot on samsung galaxy s22

  • Do Something with the Result

Usually, the screenshots are saved in the Gallery application inside the Screenshots album. To open the screenshot location, choose Screenshot saved.

If this screen appears, choose an option, in this case, Gallery. If this screen does not appear, skip the next step.

An alternative tricks to taking a screenshot

  • Use the Palm Swipe to Capture Option

Samsung Galaxy also gives an alternative to screenshot on Galaxy S22 besides using the buttons. So, how to screenshot on Galaxy S22 without using the volume down and power buttons? The first thing you should do is go to the setting option. You will see several other options on the screen.

enabling palm swipe on galaxy s22

Tap the advanced features page and motions and gestures options.

  • Choose the palm swipe to capture.
  • Ensure that the toggle turns to blue to activate this option.
  • You can tap it again later in case you want to turn off this option.

use palm swipe galaxy s22

Test it by swiping from one side to the other side of the screen by using the side of your hand.

  • Scroll Capture 

This trick is for those who want to capture long articles on an image or website. As a result, you don’t have to capture the content per page. You can do it by using the regular screenshot method, pressing the volume down and power button at once. Then, tap the scroll capture to take a screenshot. Repeat this step until the page stops scrolling down. Keep pressing the scroll as long as you want to screenshot the content. You can still edit the content, such as cropping and saving it.

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Video source: Samsung Australia Youtube Channel

Now, you know that capturing content on Samsung Galaxy S22 is straightforward. You can even get three alternatives to screenshot on Galaxy S22. By understanding how to screenshot on Galaxy S22 you can get more benefits than before.

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