3 Free Tools to Back Up Photos on Samsung Galaxy S21 & S22 Ultra Series

Do you know that there are several free tools to back up photos on Samsung Galaxy S21 & S22 Ultra series? If you have tons of previous memories in your phone and you want to make sure that they remain safe and sound, you can always back them up.

However, you may be wondering what kinds of tools to use and how to operate each of them. No worries; you’d be surprised to learn that there are so many alternative ways that you can choose from!

Use TeleDrive

Teledrive android


This would be the perfect option for Telegram users. As you are well aware, you can use Telegram to download, share, and save pictures. After all, it is an open source cloud program (for storage) that is open and accessible for the users. If you want to make use of it, you need to:

  • Create an account. Obviously, you need to install Telegram and register. To access the storage, open Teledriveapp.com in the browser
  • Sign into the TeleDrive with your Telegram account. There would be directions provided for you. Simply follow them all until you get a special code to log into the account.
  • You can start uploading the photos. On the TeleDrive, open My Files. Feel free to use the file upload button or the drag and drop mechanism.

Although this method is super convenient, the size for image file shouldn’t be more than 2GB. If each image is bigger than 2GB, TeleDrive won’t be able to upload it.

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Maybe Interesting:

Access Dropbox

Dropbox android

This is another storage system with cloud based operation. You won’t have any issue accessing it from any device that you have. Not to mention that it won’t cost you anything for the basic feature and it is able to update the contents automatically. You need to:

  • Install the app and open an account. Instructions would be available on the screen; just follow them.
  • You can start uploading the photos manually. On your Samsung phone, access ‘My Files’. On the upper right corner, there would be 3 dots. Tap on them and go with ‘Select’. From here, you should be able to choose the photos you want.

If you want Dropbox to store your photos automatically, open Dropbox. Go with ‘Menu’ (the 3 dots) and then choose ‘Settings’. Tap on the option ‘Turn on Camera Upload’. Now, you won’t have to tweak anything because everything would be automatic.

Use Google Photos

free tools to back up photos on Samsung Galaxy S21 & S22 Ultra series

This is another simple free tools to back up photos on Samsung Galaxy S21 & S22 Ultra series. It would be just perfect for Google users, especially the ones who often use Google Photos or Drive. You only need to:

  • Sign into your (Google) account. If you haven’t had any, create one. It is super easy to do.
  • Upload the photos. Open the Drive and choose the sign ‘+’. Select the photos to save and click on the button ‘Upload’ after you are done.
  • To make automatic photos backup, click your profile picture. Choose ‘Photo Setting’ and then go with ‘Backup and Sync’. Once you do, your Google account would store the photos automatically within Google Photos. Can you arrange them into folders? Why not?
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These are only some of the possible options. You can use Microsoft OneDrive, iDrive, and Flickr. There are tons of good free tools to back up photos on Samsung Galaxy S21 & S22 Ultra series for your needs, really.

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